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DOS Games > Arcade Action > L > Lifeforce Tenka - Codename Tenka for DOS

Lifeforce Tenka - Codename Tenka

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1997    |     Publisher: Psygnosis    |     Developer: Distinctive Software, Inc.
Game Review (written by Shannon) Added on: 01/10/2008
Liforce Tenka is also called Codename Tenka. Distinctive Software Incorporated developed this first person shooter for release by Psygnosis in the late nineties. It features a first person perspective in a post apocalyptic environment. It was created for both Windows and Playstation, with both games being nearly identical.
In the distant future…the year 2096…the Earth has become a war-torn wasteland. Pollution has left the land virtually uninhabitable, and the remaining living colonists have but one dream. They hope to evacuate the dying planet and start a new on Extrevius 328, an off world colony that is rumoured to be the long awaited Promised Land.
The colony is actually a large corporate conglomerate that specializes in the production of Bionoids, half man and half android deadly warriors.
The user plays Joseph B. Tenka, on deck to become a Bionoid and completely enthralled by the prospect. He is determined to find a way to thwart the plans of the conglomerate on Extrevius 328, save himself, and give hope to Earth’s children. Joseph puts on a warfare suit and goes out onto the colony looking for ways to wreak havoc on the corporation.
Lifeforce Tenka plays like many other DOOM clones. It is a first person shooter that features twenty stages. The game is mission based, and features excellent mission briefings and graphic displays prior to launching each mission. There is the
Lifeforce Tenka - Codename TenkaLifeforce Tenka - Codename TenkaLifeforce Tenka - Codename Tenka
usual array of high tech weapons that can be used to obliterate the many nicely done three dimensional bad guys. The coolest addition to the arsenal is a laser sight, which is both unusual as well as useful. All of the enemies are very unusual looking, like some sort of mutated space creatures, and it won’t bother the user in the least to shoot them. The game has an overall creepy, dead feel to it.
Overall, the game flows very well and features graphics that can easily be considered Lifeforce Tenka’s strongpoint. All of the renderings are wonderfully done, and the game play is smooth and fluent. Lifeforce Tenka is one of the most challenging first person shooters available, which will be a great draw for fans of the genre looking for something a little bit more substantial. It is a great game and would be a good download for fans of the first person shooter or science fiction plays in general.
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Kronika (09/05/2010)
Imagine your on a spaceship somewhere,the claustrophobic corridors dimly lit.You're breathing heavily as your trigger finger aches,ready for some unrelenting action.Suddenly a unknown lifeform appears before you.It looks scared and nervous.It twitches uncontrollably.A volley of gunfire rips toward your vicinity.Impulsively you straife to the left around a corner.You take a short moment to compose yourself then arm your assualt rifle to grenade mode and using the pump action feature of the weapon you leap out towards your foe.There is a flash of smoke followed by a moderate explosion.You emerge from it heart pounding but primed and ready! This is the world of joey tenka.One of fear and darkness but also one of relentless action.The game is surprisingly quite tactical.The enemies seem smart,very fast,ducking and straifing gunfire.Besides the impressive A.I the environments are suitably brooding.They have that metallic,polished futuristic look but a lot of areas are also quite dark and dimly lit witch gives the game an uneasy atmosphere.On a negative outlook,musically the thumping techno soundtrack doesn't compliment the atmospheric visuals at all.There are times when you just want it to stop.It is constant! This game is primarily an action shooter.If you want puzzles,story driven text and set pieces this isn't for you.However if you want an exciting,heart thumping action title,bearing in mind the slightly outdated graphics but still unique visual style (that reminds me of the film aliens) then lifeforce tenka is for you!

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