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DOS Games > Arcade Action > M > Miner VGA for DOS

Miner VGA

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1989    |     Publisher: Freeware    |     Developer: Frodosoft
Game Review (written by Gavb110) Added on: 10/29/2006
This is a good game from the old times. I used to while away the hours playing this and other old games. Although the game has a somewhat limited concept it is strangely addictive.
You play a character whose job it is to make as much money as possible, sounds like real life. There is a town over a mine where you can buy equipment such as torches, lanterns, buckets drills and dynamite from the equipment store. The mine contains rock which you continually mine to try and find precious minerals such as gold silver and platinum, which you can sell in the bank above town.
There are also many dangers such as cave ins and springs which will take portions of your health away, fortunately thought there is a hospital! There is also a saloon which features a little adult content as a reward for amassing enough money to unlock it. I wonít spoil that for you here though.
The mine also has some extra bonuses such as a four leaf clover which increases your luck in finding items. There are gem stones which can be sold at the bank for large amounts of that ever needing cash. You can also find better equipment than that which is sold in the store.
Here is a cheat to get you started. Go into the mine as normal and
Miner VGAMiner VGAMiner VGA
work your way to the left side of the screen. Keep digging until you end up under the hospital toilet. In the first row under this position you will find a ring. Iím not sure what it does but itís there for you to find!
The game features some limited humour which will keep you amused for a while.
I think over all I would rate this as an 8.5. This game gains a high mark due to its addictive content and originality. It also seems to make you feel happy as your bank balance increases, unfortunately only a computer one! This game doesnít get full marks because there are few glitches which can ruin the game. Cave ins can cause you to drop either your precious minerals or equipment. The same is also true for springs and water. If you happen to loose your bucket, which allows you to remove water from the map, when you bump into a spring you can be surrounded by water and have nothing to remove it with thus ending your game. Despite this though it is a fun game and it features a save game function which should use regularly to combat this. Have fun!
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Coldangel14 (11/14/2010)
this is an excellent game. i have spent hours playing it and getting frustrated with cave ins and springs. love the attempts at humor. its a shame that it is so hard to find this game now
Lara1007 (11/10/2008)
I love Miner, I grew up on this game! I like the fact that you can do one thing wrong and totally just screw up your whole game.
Cyrus tebyani (02/21/2008)
This game takes about as much skill as "scissors, paper, rock" Ė itís particularly good considering how small it is. Even though itís highly simplistic it is excellent for killing time. Not really the kind of game you get into though.
Gilraenmonkey (09/01/2007)
While this game is clearly old-style, for its time it is tons of fun. The graphics may be older, but the concept was pretty cool. This is one of my favourites of all time!

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