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DOS Games > Arcade Action > P > Piranha for DOS


Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1996    |     Publisher: D-Designs    |     Developer: D-Designs
Game Review (written by Corybander) Added on: 04/04/2007
Letís start with an overview of the game entire, and then break it down piece by piece. Does it have multi-player on the same computer? Yes! Four glorious players at once, so you may need a few extra control devices. And trust me, you will need the extra players whether it be for the coop or death match, but letís move on. Are the graphics and music acceptable, even by todayís standards for an asteroid game? Yes, they still tickle my imagination, and I hope they do you.
Is the core asteroids game play increased by the changes made to it? BIG Yes! And finally, does it have length? Yes, but this is both a positive and one of the only negatives. Now, letís elaborate for those who wish to know more.
Multi-player was my major draw to this game, and still is. It is not only fun, but nearly needed, to have friends go through this experience, with you. Simply put: This game is difficult, but more on that later. You may find you and your buds fighting over loot in levels, but other than that this game has no other quirks with the multi unless you consider being able to play on the same comp a quirk,
but you need that bonding time right?
As far as graphics and music I can only say wow. It may be old, but the backgrounds are beautiful and the asteroids and other big flying objects you will destroy, look textured and highly detailed. The animation all around is fluid and smooth. The only choppy looking thing in the whole set is your spaceship, but you will find it gets the job done remarkably well (especially in the multi player where every ship is easily discerned by color). The music is equally well done, pulsating at a rhythm that will keep you entranced and involved in a game that even without could keep you entertained, and that brings me to my next subject.
Ah, the gameplay. The premise remains the same as the original, as in you are given no information on your objective. You start smack dab in the middle of the screen with a rather large rock inadvertently trying to smash you. What do you do? Blow it and all the fragments to smithereens of course! Feel free to follow this event with maniacal laughter, but be warned you may lose your split-second opportunity to pick up important power ups such as cash, lives, and upgrades. Yes, there is a money system that allows you, after every four levels or so, to upgrade your weapon or buy a new one. Some weapons are stronger against certain types of objects and consideration is needed, as well as a lot of experience to temper it, when purchasing either. When you first start you will no doubt be torn between upgrading your current weapon and buying a new one, but over time you will know when too. In combat you can switch on the fly from all your weapons, which comes in handy when the game begins mixing object types, or when you fight one of the bosses scattered throughout this massive game. Yes, massive.
This game is divided into stages, and each stage consists of about ten levels. This means every ten levels or so you get a new background, new enemies, and perhaps some new music.
I would suggest this game to the arcade fanatic, the keyboard masher, the person who wants a persistent way to spend time, and of course the asteroid fan. It is a marvelous game that is worthy of your hard drive.
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Azkforever (10/05/2010)
Piranha is an awesome game that i played for quite along time. due to a pc meltdown i lost it once. but now years later I have finally found it. if you like shooting asteroids this is the game for you ^^

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