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DOS Games > Arcade Action > P > Prince of Persia for DOS

Prince of Persia

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1990    |     Publisher: BrÝderbund Software, Inc.    |     Developer: BrÝderbund Software, Inc.
Game Review (written by Musicmaniact) Added on: 08/20/2006
I spent many hours playing this game growing up and I still lone to play it. I think it is one of the greatest games ever made. Prince of Persia had me hooked for many years trying to find out every secret. You should play this if you havenít played it before. It has aspects that they just donít put into new games anymore, and it makes you think. It has action, puzzles, and it is a classic. Play it, play it, play it.
I guarantee that you will love it and play it for many hours just like I did growing up.
During the 80s many games made you think more than games nowadays and you had to spend hundreds of hours replaying levels because there was no such thing as a memory card or memory period. Some Nintendo games let you save your progress. Most computer games let you save your game in the places where you really needed it. The memory that these games take up are minuscule compared to most files we have on our computers today. This game is excellent if you have a collection of old dos games or just like nostalgia period.
Prince of Persia gives you the ability
Prince of PersiaPrince of PersiaPrince of Persia
to control time at moments in the game to help accomplish tasks, or even save your life. The game takes you through many levels where you use the sands of time to save the day as you play the hero in this classic Sierra game. It goes along with their long line of adventure games. Itís a matter of taste but I love the style of game-play that they tried to implement. Some features could have been rethought and they could have been more elaborated upon. The graphics falling line with some of the best game of its time and the game-play surpasses most game that has ever been produced to date.
If you love to fantasize about swinging a sword and wandering the desert searching for the next clue to help you keep moving along in a great environment, I suggest Prince of Persia for you. Classic adventure at its best more control than any game of its time and you can spend hours trying to figure out what to do next. How you play is your option and it can be an open ended game if you play it a certain way. Prince of Persia uses every type of strategy game maker could pull out of their bag in the old days, so if you are a serious gamer, you will love Prince of Persia.
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Ansol93 (01/24/2011)
i love this game when i was little i used to play it with my father but i accidentally deleted it from my computer i want it back!
Vince (01/17/2011)
wonderful game. but i'd like to know how to defeat my ghost on level 10. can anyone help me out?
Prince34 (04/06/2009)
Fantastic Game. Really loved it! Going level from level you face increasingly tough swordmen and challenges. What an adventure!
Koshary83 (11/16/2008)
Enjoy this game without any fear and strain. Very good game. I like playing this with my cousin
Mja (11/15/2008)
Fantastic game. Thank you "\". This was my best game from my childhood.
Bikybite (11/12/2008)
Very good game. Playable forever, I have been playing it for years and never get bored. The first time I palyed it 15 years back and still like it.
Annie85 (11/07/2008)
Great game! I have spent many hours playing this game and still look forward to it! It was one of the few games I grew up with when I was little.
Feisca (09/20/2008)
Best game I played growing up. Looked high and low for the next level and finally found it. Thanks
Joshrap50 (08/21/2008)
There is a Fat Bustard on level 6. I Love this game, I really like the sound of this game. I play this game on a Acer 486 computer it plays very well.
Bunty (07/02/2008)
Best game ever made. This was my best game from my childhood. I love it very much.
Manoj kler (06/24/2008)
Excellent Game. I needed for my children some classic game and I found this to be the best. It is really a fantastic game.
Amfsw (05/19/2008)
The best game of its time.
The first game which shows the real movement of human. It's a nice game with great graphics of the time.
Yasir (04/16/2008)
The first game which shows the real movement of human. Itís a nice game with great graphics of the time.
Homerjay9000 (04/12/2008)
This is one of the greatest games ever made! Great graphics, qaulity game play, and a good plot. This was way ahead of it's time back in the day, and it's still fun to play today.
Bx_boy (03/30/2008)
This is one of the classic pc games.
Myal3rt (03/19/2008)
This game brings back lots of my childhood memories. My first PC game and I spent a lot of time playing this game with my friends.
Amoror (03/01/2008)
The game is very interesting one and one of the best action games
Koushik bhui (02/27/2008)
An excellent game (DOS based) that I have ever played. It has stunning graphics and excellent story line
Garry070 (02/10/2008)
This is one of the best all time PC games. You need downloading it immediately
Ramaiah63m (01/28/2008)
Good game, superb. Excellent time passing game
Premprataprana (12/24/2007)
It is fabulous and fantastic.
Tommythinh (12/09/2007)
Prince of Persia is a cool classic game. It takes some creative thinking to pass the more difficult levels. A great and enjoyable, blast from the past.
Hieu (12/05/2007)
I feel very interested about Prince game. I have known Prince game very long time.
Max lothan (11/28/2007)
This is the best game ever!
Kumar s (11/06/2007)
This is very intresting game.
Akhenasten (11/01/2007)
It’s really great game! It’s worth downloading!
Lamiere (10/08/2007)
Very good game. I like playing this with my cousin.
Bclayt01 (08/21/2007)
Graphics-wise, this was so ahead of its time when first released, but the real draw of PoP is simple and alluring gameplay
Chirag (08/13/2007)
This is amazing game forever all time great really all time excitement guarantee you must play it until end, u never neglect it. Download it.

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