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DOS Games > Arcade Action > S > Shinobi for DOS


Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1989    |     Publisher: Sega    |     Developer: SEGA Corporation
Game Review (written by Thegamerrking) Added on: 05/09/2007
Shinobi, like its predecessors is as expected, another great hack n' slash side scroller. The graphics are smooth and keen, not like the other grainy Shinobis of the SEGA Genesis. The gameplay is very user friendly and does bring back some of the old gameplay, but also adds new ones.
The soundtrack of this game is also one of the best I've heard in a Shinobi’s games, but perhaps the best thing of the game is the co-op play. You can destroy feudal japans most notorious enemies with a friend.
If you’re a fan of hack n' slash or just a die hard gamer like me looking for a challenge, you’ll like this game.
The computer requirements of this game are surprisingly low. It could possibly even be run on a windows 95. The game has the memory requirements of a Rom and Emulator.
The game will give you at least a good 17 hours of fun that is according to how good you are at games. There are also lots of secrets and Easter eggs in this game, and a LOT of replay value.
The game isn't completely straight forward either. There are separate paths which do not just influence the levels outcome, but influence the entire game. Seeing how many different paths there were, I probably missed
something myself.
Last, but not least are the innovative boss battles. There is more than one way to take down certain enemies. For example, the first boss has an obvious way of defeating it, but if you look around, you will see many other ways to kill him.
In the end if I had to rate it 1-10, I would have to give it and 8. This is a must.
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Captaindaryl (09/05/2007)
I love this game!
Giouli (07/30/2007)
I always loved to play this game. It's been so much long since I played it for last time, but I still remember all the stages and how to move on. Absolutely super!
Dan (05/08/2007)
I simply love this game. Side scrolling, classic kung fu / martial arts fight game.
Maylenayre (05/08/2007)
This game is an all-time favorite. I enjoy the challenge of it.

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