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DOS Games > Arcade Action > S > SkyRoads for DOS


Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1992    |     Publisher: Freeware    |     Developer: Bluemoon Interactive
Game Review (written by Quackster) Added on: 12/03/2006
This is an old game, but it is still fun. The handling of the sky car takes some getting used to, and can be difficult for a time, but once one gets used to using the vehicle, this game is a lot of fun. There are a number of different tracks, each with its own particular obstacles to surmount. Different colours of tiles on the track will cause certain effects on your vehicle. Some will make it explode; some will make it go much faster, and etc.

The controls are fairly simple, with arrow keys directing your ship, and the space bar making your ship jump. This feature is particularly important, since the track will randomly have large holes in it. You will crash a number of times before you can finish each track. This is partly because the tracks tend to have only one way to finish the race, with many possible mistakes to make. Also, it is easy to miss an entrance to a tunnel or miss a particularly long jump. However, this does make the levels challenging and fun to play. The only drawback with respect to game-play is the fact that the vehicle you are given in Skyroads can only move back and forth, which it does somewhat
slowly. This can lead to many frustrating times when your vehicle becomes trapped in a situation where you will shortly crash, and your car is not manoeuvrable enough to escape the gaping chasm which yawns suddenly in front of you.
With respect to graphics, this game is moderately good considering its era. The backgrounds are very nicely drawn, with various displays of solar pyrotechnics. Sadly, the main graphics in the game do not live up to the background's fine artwork. The tracks themselves are rather blocky, with different kinds of track material represented only by different colours on the track. This can be rather frustrating sometimes, as you have to learn what all of the colours do to your sky car the hard way. You'll end up destroying your car at least two or three times per track, and you will spend a LOT of time on the first level, trying to learn how things work. However, in the end, perseverance is worth it. The game is a fun way to pass a few minutes here and there, without requiring much more than decent refluxing and good planning ahead. All in all, Skyroads is a decent racing game, which can be fun to play for a time.
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Kalana wijesekara (09/26/2008)
Oh wow! I remember playing this when I was a kid. Wow just a blurred memory. I loved this, and it must be my first "simulation style" game after the test drive and lotus racing. Thanks a lot!
Nikita arora (01/19/2007)
skyroads is a wonderful game

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