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DOS Games > Arcade Action > T > The Godfather for DOS

The Godfather

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1991    |     Publisher: U.S. Gold Ltd.    |     Developer: U.S. Gold Ltd.
Game Review (written by Kawasakizx) Added on: 07/16/2008
I found The Godfather game to be a fantastic game to play. With an in depth plot, good graphics, great gameplay and longetivity it's definitely a game worth purchasing.
Beginning as a lowly member of the mob you are quickly immersed into the world of the gangster and the associated privileges. You must begin by completing simple jobs to earn some money and reputation, once you get the hang of the controls, gameplay and various maps you can quickly begin building your mobster, with an extensive list of skill and attribute enhancements that may be chosen, customising your character to your liking is easy.
Once you have some cash in your hands you can also begin buying new weapons and ammo, you can also upgrade all the weapons you come across during the game in some way or another which is great for enhancing those weapons with which you prefer.
Once your character is to your liking you begin completing jobs for your selected mob and or fighting and taking territories from rival mobs in the hope of eventually taking over their base of operations.
You can also intimidate various shop owners around the place by interrogating, bashing or shooting them which adds a good dimension to the game.
Travel around the various maps and places to visit is done via motor vehicles which can either be stolen or are
The GodfatherThe GodfatherThe Godfather
given to you to complete certain missions, once again their is an extensive range of motor vehicles, from lorries, sedans to sports cars. Care must be taken at all times when committing crimes though as you will quickly attract police attention, too much of which will result in large numbers of police officers hunting you which can make moving around freely quite difficult.
As you progress in the game by conquering more enemy territories and completing missions you will find the storyline becoming more in depth with twists and turns around every corner, beware of back stabbing and deception as you progress in the ranks as your friends become less and enemies grow, after all you are part of the mafia culture where a hit is around every corner!
All in all a great game which had me glued to the screen until I completed it, well worth purchasing, one that won't disappoint!
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Daniel oris (12/23/2009)
it is a head smashing game,it has realistic missions and also a wonderfull is a lovely games full of surprises
Heatherkisses69 (04/08/2008)
This was an awesome game and I canít wait to play it. It was an addicting game

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