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DOS Games > Arcade Action > T > The Simpsons for DOS

The Simpsons

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1991    |     Publisher: Konami    |     Developer: Konami
Game Review 1 (written by A_perez16) Added on: 12/19/2006
The Simpsons is an Emmy Award winning American animated television sitcom made by Matt Groening and the Fox Network. The small family represents the “dumb” side of American society. There is no doubt that The Simpsons is a great game. It is absolutely fantastic. It will be nearly impossible to stop playing this fun-packed game once you have started to play it. It is really good.
It is sure to be your favorite once you try it because it is based on the t.v. series. Bart rides around on his skateboard and Marge can be pretty dangerous, especially after someone like Mr.
Smithers has stolen her precious baby. You know what I mean if you have watched the Simpsons on tv. It is almost frightening.
For those of you who have not watched the simpsons, Homer is the dumb drunkard father who is always strangling Bart. One episode revealed that he would have been really smart if it was not for a crayon stuck in his brain. Homer works at a nuclear power plant that is run by Mr.Burns and his gay assistant Mr. Smithers. He is widely known for his catch phrase “d’oh” which he usually uses after doing something particularly dumb. But Homer is a well meaning baboon.
Marge is the overworked under appreciated and hard working mother. She is married to Homer and is the mother of three
The SimpsonsThe SimpsonsThe Simpsons
kids. Bart is the naughty, disobedient, rude troublemaker of the family. His best friend is Milhouse. He loves bothering his principal Skinner, Willy the immigrant janitor, and his younger sister Lisa. This ten year old rebel is a lot of fun to watch and even more to play. He is often beat up by a school bully Nelson, who comes from a troubled single parent home.
Eight year old Lisa is the brilliant also misunderstood genius of the family. She plays the saxophone and loves to play jazz music. She is on the school band. Maggie is the third and youngest child. She is also smart though no one realizes it. She always sucks on her pacifier and she does not talk. The family has a dog and a cat named Santa’s Little Helper and Snowball Two. They all live in the fictional town of Springfield next to the law abiding, god fearing Flanders. Nobody physically ages. How can any one miss out on this great bundle of fun?
Game Review 2 (written by Sash_015) Added on: 12/02/2006
The Simpsons have finally come to PC! Play as one of your favorite characters in this classic beat them up style game. Here’s the story. Smithers robs a jewelry store and takes a valuable diamond that lands in Maggie’s mouth, Smithers, in too much of a hurry to take the diamond out of her mouth, takes the whole baby, now whichever Simpson’s you chose will stay and the rest will run away, you have to give chase to smithers, oddly wearing a cape - he never does/did in the TV show- but it’s hundreds of workers in your path, will you make it? Only one way to find out, try it.
At the start there are only one kind of goon trying to kill you, guys in matching purple suits (possible clones, they do act the same, look the same and run the same, or maybe what they’re wearing aren’t suits but sprayed on) but later on there are more difficult goons, fat guys (3 hits to kill) and other(???).
I recommend playing as Marge because she has the furthest reach and doesn't seem to get hurt as much as the other characters but then again bart moves much faster than the other characters, but all can do different combo moves with other characters eg. Marge and Homer link arms and legs and do some sort of cart wheel together or something...... but anyway you get the idea.
This game was released in 1991 by konami, a Japanese gaming company, there were two versions of the game Japanese and American Versions. The Jap Version was much more different than the American version for starters, in the Japanese version there were small scale nuclear bombs that when thrown would wipe out all enemies on the whole screen. And another thing different in the Japanese version from the American version was that in the Japanese version as you got food it would go past the health bar, the health bar would get bigger. The Japanese version was not in Japanese it was in American - English - not any other language, any way at the end of the game that is near the end you face smithers in a cape who throws grenades at you but then lights them all at once - smart - Sarcastically speaking. Then you face Mr. Burns in a fancy robot suit, first he has it with legs then tank treads then a hover craft when you finish the game all that happens is Maggie puts her pacifier in MR. Burnses mouth.
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Bakersman (06/08/2009)
Humor is a very good strong point in the game. Gameplay as well. But still great fun.
Bryandex (09/18/2008)
Hello: Everyone This is a great website and the games are really awesome!
Drcarr (08/05/2008)
I love this game it is wonderful! I played it with my bro when I was a kid and it was great! It is definately a must-have to your collection! you can play it for hours at a time. (05/28/2008)
This is a great and enjoyable game that I played when I was a child. It was fun and one of the best I have played in my life.
Dfresh89 (05/23/2008)
This game was a classic back in the day.a one of a kind shooter for the PC. Even today I go back and play this game and it still is fun years later.
Starflick_16 (04/10/2008)
I LOVE THIS ONE! It's deffinately one of my fav's!
Jazzjrrox (01/20/2008)
The game is very addictive
Sammie1987 (01/17/2008)
Now this is a good game! Fun, colorful and overall brilliant! I love it.
Aggeloskl (01/05/2008)
The game is fantastic
Mat7975 (12/31/2007)
What a great game!
Ronnymcdonny20 (11/08/2007)
One of my all-time favorite games.
Masastus (11/08/2007)
I like Simpsons! It’s wonderful game!
Jay_dawg (11/02/2007)
Great game this is! My favourite Simpsons game ever! I think that they need Atari to go back to doing the simpsons games instead of THQ!
Goggleguy (11/01/2007)
The Simpsons my favorite game! It’s too fun and addictive! I recommend it downloading!
Rustyabiding (11/01/2007)
Awesome game
Dare (10/30/2007)
I love this game so much! MUST DOWNLOAD! Excellent game for anyone who loves to play games!
Sammy lee (09/30/2007)
Hi everyone! this games rks hard! Konami u do a gr8 job but put it on disk! its adictive and very very funny. gr8 for everyone (yes even you grandma). This game is the deal Sammy Lee
Greg (09/15/2007)
good games. I like all the old school games that you guys have on them. I haven't downloaded none yet but when I get home its going to be on. Im going to tell my friends about this site.
Superalfredo (06/24/2007)
Excelled game for arcade lovers. Especially if you are tired of new 3d games that seems to be boring not as the old time videogames.

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