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DOS Games > Arcade Action > W > Wing Commander: Armada for DOS

Wing Commander: Armada

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1994    |     Publisher: Origin Systems    |     Developer: Origin Systems Inc.
Game Review (written by Deadly-dosage) Added on: 10/26/2006
Wing Commander Armada was the game Wing Commander fans have been waiting for. The freedom to conquer the galaxy as you saw fit. The ability strategically explore and exterminate the enemy the way you wanted was a welcoming feature in the game. You can try to plow straight through without developing a good base and kill the enemy or take the time needed to reinforce the home system to withstand an attack.
The goal of the game was to destroy the home world of the enemy, and when you finally got there it exploded gloriously.
The graphics in the game to me is remarkable better than the original Wing Commander series. The Wing Commander series had a cartoonish feel to it. But the Armada used newer CGI type graphics and it looks pretty slick. The sound was an improvement with the music and the sounds of gun fire, missiles launching and explosions. The story is... well there is no story at all per say. The story is basically you are playing through gathering resources, building up a sizable force, reinforce the home front, and kill the bad guys. The gameplay has been refined in my opinion, it feels more alive and action pack when you start to engage the fighters in starship combat. You can of course attack the carrier
Wing Commander: ArmadaWing Commander: ArmadaWing Commander: Armada
and leave the fighters stranded in space without a carrier to get them home. It's a pretty sweet feeling to knock out their carrier.
You have a variety of Fighters, Bombers, and weapons. Some of the fighters have dual cannons one for shields and another for the hull of the ship. Missiles are also available for the one shot kill on fighters. Some of the fighters have light armor but are incredible fast. Some have heavy armor and can carry more weapons as well. Bombers on the other hand have torpedoes and they are used for punching a hole in the carrier or capital ships. Bombers are heavily armored and need fighter escort to survive the onslaught of fighter from the enemy carrier.
The gameplay for the simulation part of the game is pretty basic where you are fighting the ships, there are no land battles or planet attacks. But in the Wing Commander series that's all there are to it the space battles. All in all I highly recommend Wing Commander Armada to the hardcore Wing Commander fans and other to at least check out and decide for yourself what a classic it is.

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