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DOS Games > Arcade Action > X > Xwing Fighter for DOS

Xwing Fighter

Genre: Arcade    |     Year: 1982    |     Publisher: International PC Owners Inc. (IPCO)    |     Developer: International PC Owners Inc. (IPCO)
Game Review (written by Mini-bennie) Added on: 10/27/2009
Spent many hours enjoying this fantastically epic game. So much to do, and so immersive for an early DOS game. Piloting and managing the many craft on offer in this game, and its 3 expansion packs, will make all but the die hard star wars haters brick themselves under a thunderous amount of fun.

X Wings. Y Wings. A Wings. B Wings. All the classic Rebel alliance craft are capable of being manned by yourself in either a 1st or 3rd person perspective.
Any fans of the other existing Lucas Arts titles 'Tie Fighter' or 'Tie Fighter vs X Wing' will enjoy this game also.

This game is incredibly sophisticated for such an early era game. As a pilot, you must manage shield levels and direction, throttle control and perhaps most importantly, weapon energy. Care and finesse must shine through however, as one will affect the other, and what is the point of doing 50% light speed when your shot down in 2 blasts from a dirty inferior TIE fighter?

The player must have a joystick, as mouse control is very complicated and you quickly find yourself burning into small pieces deep in dark space.

The storyline evolves through three tours of duty of 12 missions each
Xwing FighterXwing FighterXwing Fighter
(except the third tour, which has 14 missions):

* "A New Ally" The search for new Rebellion allies and the Imperial campaign against the Rebels. The tour ends when the Rebels smuggle a nuclear weapon aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer and detonate it.

* "The Great Search" Rebels discover the plans to the first Death Star and deliver them to Princess Leia Organa's corvette, the Tantive IV. The campaign ends with the protection of the princess from an Imperial attack, allowing Leia to ferry on the Death Star plans.

* "The Gathering Storm" Portrays the Rebels' route to the Battle of Yavin and the destruction of the Death Star. The last three missions cover the attack on the Death Star. In these missions the player recreates the role of Luke Skywalker. (CITE WIKIPEDIA)

In conclusion, this game is a game that i would gladly recommend to everyone. I would have written a review any ways for such a brilliant game, and having the chance to play it once more at the end makes writing this all the more worth while
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Damnedgentleman (10/08/2011)
Like many of a certain generation, I had grown up fantasising that one day I could be involved somehow in the rebels struggle against imperial oppressors. As an Englishman I had originally hoped to join the evil Empire (as the most prominent officers seemed to be English), this would have to wait until the release of Tie Fighter. Until then, this was my only hope of realising my childhood ambitions. An excellent game. It had me hooked from the minute I installed it and loaded it up.

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