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DOS Games > Board Games > Risk for Windows for DOS

Risk for Windows

Genre: Board Games    |     Year: 1991    |     Publisher: Virgin Interactive Entertainment    |     Developer: Azeroth
Game Review 1 (written by Wakkado) Added on: 09/23/2006
The Risk board game was one of the greatest games of all time. Of all the hours spent with people playing it, and all the nights wasted it is still worth the time to pull it out and play. Now you can play it with yourself and still have the same fun old time.
This game is about strategy and it contains plenty of it. The artificial intelligence lacks but the game makes up for it in overall fun value. You do not need all the people to play either, it is just as fun with the artificial intelligence.
You can spend just as much time analyzing your every move along with your opponent's. On all the levels I played it on it was still a little easy but an average player should have their hands full. Some things you need to make sure of though is acquiring your armies and using up your cards, both of which you must do manually. Sometimes it's hard to tell how much stationed units you have in one area due to a minor glitch I ran into occasionally, but this didn't really hinder with the gameplay that much, I was still able to remember most of the placements and so should you.
The game isn't much in the graphics department but
Risk for Windows
it more then makes up for it in replay value, and fun factor. A good match can keep you on your toes for possibly hours. The game contains a list of the rules and strategies so a person who has never played the game can partake as well. It's fairly simple to learn so you should be started in no time. You can also play friends on the same computer and is basically like the board game. You get armies for owning countries, contents and turning in cards. Owning contents gets you more based on how hard it is to protect that country. The cards can really change the game thought, once the game is getting deep cards can rake in dozens of armies in one turn, making it capable for one person to take out several countries and possibly continents.
The board map is also easy to understand. Any country touching another or connected via red line can attack the country it's attached to. Attacks are calculated using dice which is explained in the rules of the game.
All in all, if you are looking for a good classic game to play, this is the one. It'll be sure to keep you busy for awhile.
Game Review 2 (written by Babytoaster) Added on: 08/19/2006
Iíve always been a big fan of the original board game RISK. Lots of wonderful memories of playing it with my family and friends that would last for hours on end. That was the problem with the game board version of the game though Ė it lasted for hours. A short game for us was about six hours long. This is one of the things I like about technology, it makes things simpler, easier, and faster. The game itself is incredibly complex and difficult to learn and play. Every time Iíve played it, it seems that everyone has their own set of rules. Another nice thing about technology and the creation of video games, is that the rules are already programmed and it is not possible to break those rules (without cheating of course). On the computer, itís easy to play a relaxing game that lasts for around an hour, or play something a little more complex.
Game play is relatively simple. Itís as simple as clicking on a set of dice and watching them roll and seeing the results that the computer randomly creates for you. There are still the same elements of strategy from the board game because you still must decide where to place all of your troops before attacking and keep your forces fortified. Itís simpler to do on the computer, without having to do all of the counting. There are also other modes of game play if one is feeling adventurous enough to try it.
I think my favorite part of the game are the graphics. Theyíre not absolutely amazing and realistic, but they add a really nice feel to the game. Instead of just looking at something thatís so simple and boring as a game map or a game board, there are actual battle-field landscapes to view. The battle there are the members of your army and they will shoot at each other as the dice are rolled, adding to the atmosphere of a war game.
Overall, if youíre looking for a simple game to cure a bit of your boredom, this is a good one to try. Itís true to the classic, but is also alterable if you wanna spice things up a little with all the different options that are available. If youíre looking for a complex, more developed war strategy game, youíre better off buying one of the newer ones. This game is mostly for brainless entertainment than something thatís going to require a lot of in-depth thought.
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Ferrellk (03/22/2011)
recently started playing the board game again liked it so much that if found this computer based game. It is a nice version of the classic game of strategy and chance.
Rictic (08/17/2009)
A great game of strategy. I played it growing up in the 1960's and it is still a great game.
Bunjat (03/07/2009)
One of the first and definitely the best strategy games ever. Extremely addictive - you just want to play it over and over. What a classic!
Curtismckinney (08/11/2008)
One of the best old windows game for the common strategy player, always fun and never seems to get old, I HIGHLY RECCOMEND
Huey98 (07/16/2008)
This game is phenomenal and addicting, once I started playing I just couldn't stop. I was thrilled to have found this website.
Tostylokos (06/20/2008)
My kids really love this classic version and play without the fear of shaking the board and ruining the game in mid-turn.
Raygear (05/31/2008)
Risk is an awesome game. It rocks. It is just as fun as the board game. You get so into the game that you'll want to live inside of it!
Ryshtyan (03/24/2008)
I was a huge fan of the Risk board game and when it first became a computer game I was thrilled! At last, a game where I don't have to worry about losing all those little pieces! Great inventory control. This version of PC Risk is great. Graphics are cool for it's genre and it's a game everyone can play. A great classic brought to life with animation and an easy enough to follow interface that lets players get wrapped up in the fun.
Jimcheever (01/19/2008)
My favorite boardgame!
Aelfred2 (12/21/2007)
Risk the board is great and fun game!
Photog82972 (12/16/2007)
The best game ever!
Brent (11/26/2007)
The best game ever.
Lpkidd (11/07/2007)
Very fun multiplayer game of war strategy with more AI choices than most games, a board classic done right by PC with every aspect of the rules translated perfectly. The AI is somewhat predictable most of the time but none the less you can set the map for a challenge if you feel like it. I love it! It’s worth downloading!
Smiley_xian (09/01/2007)
This is such a great game-not to be missed by any who call themselves Risk fans! The AI may be somewhat disappointing but hey itís still fun to thrash some butts.
Rmmoon (06/26/2007)
I loved the board game Risk and the computer game was even more fun. No more moving the many tiles around. Also, no misunderstanding of the rules. If you can only move armies two spaces the computer won't let you move more. Drawback is the "luck" factor. With the board game you feel like you are on hot streaks with the dice. With the random numbers generated you don't get the same feeling.
Virtuatopper (02/06/2007)
Real nice version of the famous Risk made by a solo programmer. This time there are only 3 players while the rest is the same. Get your armies, conquer continents and take over all the world.
Cwilliams407 (08/09/2006)
My son wanted this game but the dog had gotten ahold of my copy of it. Then we found it on your website and his eyes just lit up. He absolutely loves this game!

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