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DOS Games > Educational > Barbie Super Model for DOS

Barbie Super Model

Genre: Educational    |     Year: 1993    |     Publisher: Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc.    |     Developer: Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc.
Game Review (written by Oboebekki88) Added on: 08/26/2006
I love playing Barbie supermodel. This game is very cute and entertaining even as an 18 year old. It is a great game because it brings back the good old days of Barbie, it is easy to play, and it is fun. The graphics are not super great but it adds to the whole idea of an old school game.
The thought that it brings up the good old days brings up the importance of girly games. Computer games donít have to be only for boys.
This game deals with common girl ideas. It has clothing, make up, and dancing. The clothing part of the game I think is very fun. You see a picture of Barbie and have to memorize everything she is wearing and then dress her up in that outfit. All the out fits I think are very stylish and remind me of when I use to play with my own Barbie dolls. The make up part of the game is very similar. You see a picture of Barbie and you have to memorize it and figure it out. You do her eye shadow, lipstick, nail polish, and hair do. It is lots of fun and more challenging than it sounds. The main part of
Barbie Super ModelBarbie Super ModelBarbie Super Model
the game though, is the dancing. Through out the game you get Barbie to the dance rehearsal room and learn the dance for that particular level. Then you take her to the performance and have to do the dance by memory. If you do the dance correctly you move up to the next level! You do this at the end of every level.
The game has very simple controls so people of all ages can play the game. The controls are relatively easy. The main controls are the arrow keys to get Barbie to rehearsal and the performance. The shift, alt and control keys are used in the dance sequences. It is very easy to figure out quickly which I thought was very good. If a game is too hard to figure out it gets frustrating, but this game made it easy just to relax and play a fun game. It is simple yet very entertaining.
I think this game is a blast! It is so much fun to play with Barbie dolls and it is so much fun to play computer games, that a Barbie computer game is double the fun! I think that this game could entertain me for hours. I also think that it could be a fun mother daughter game, or something of that sort.
Barbie Supermodel is a great game. It reminds us of the past, itís easy to play and itís so much fun! It is a must download!
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Rebecca (03/30/2009)
I used to play this game when I was younger, and I loved it! Watching the video of it brought back some fun memories.
Ishihema (02/02/2009)
It's really exciting for us to play. We found it interesting. We really enjoyed it. My friends also liked it.
Ahmed (03/31/2008)
The game is fantastic.
Tasos (01/08/2008)
The game is fantastic. Great game, my daughter loves it, she plays it everyday.
Riya (12/17/2007)
Great game, my daughter loves it, she plays it everyday. Iíll recommend everybody to play it
Arena (11/23/2007)
Nita (11/10/2007)
It’s beautiful and fantastic game!
Sonja (10/08/2007)
I love to play this game. It is very amusing to play it even when you are over 18 years old. This game is awesome
Polia (09/08/2007)
I really like this game. The game is very, very funny and the pictures are very beautiful. Super :)
Deco (08/29/2007)
The game is fantastic. Great game, my daughter loves it, she plays it everyday. This game is just wonderful. Iíll recommend everybody to play it
Anutg (08/28/2007)
This game is just wonderful. I’ll recommend everybody to play in it.
Hira (07/25/2007)
This game is amazing!
Lela martic (05/26/2007)
Game is very, very super!
Rchungching (11/07/2006)
Honn (10/17/2006)
The game is fantastic

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