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DOS Games > Educational > Cross Country Canada for DOS

Cross Country Canada

Genre: Educational    |     Year: 1991    |     Publisher: Didatech    |     Developer: Didatech
Game Review (written by Harvick29) Added on: 08/12/2006
I remember playing this game as a kid in school. Itís a good game to play but its age shows.
What's this game about?
In this game you play an anonymous trucker trying to earn some money. At the start you pick how many players. Then you go in and it tells you the cargo you need, where you start, and where you need to go. The rest of the game is in a sandbox variety like the popular "Grand Theft Auto" games
Graphics on this game are okay.
There are decent animationís when crossing the boat, picking up cargo. When playing half the game is of a map that shows your general area and the other half is a "In car view", sorry "In truck view" where you see the road. Along the road are signs, buildings and the odd hitchhiker. I donít recommend picking them up though if you have cargo.
The game's sounds are average but you canít help but love them. Whenever an animation starts you get treated to a nice song while you watch the animation. Other then that there are barely any sounds except when you crash, run out of fuel...
Although this game is old, It's a ton of fun. You get to experience the
Cross Country CanadaCross Country CanadaCross Country Canada
life of a trucker while you go from town to town trying to find the right warehouse for your supplies. Then you spend a few minutes searching for the place you need to deliver it to. Once you are there you get to see the ending movie. Witch by the way is different every time you play it so there is high replay value. If you ask me the ending is the best part of a game. Apart from the main task of delivering you cargo you must eat, Get gas, And sleep. If you fail to do any of these you better remember one line
If you forget about sleeping you will crash your truck, I donít know what happens if you forget to eat I always liked to feed my guy. And if you donít get gases you will find yourself sitting at the side of the road.
Final Verdict: Pick this game up. Itís free, A ton of fun, And good for a few laughs. You will find yourself playing this one over and over for a while. A game you wonít regret :) If you are not good a Canadian geography then you may want to have an atlas with you or you may find yourself driving around aimlessly for a few hours.
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Symphonicsweet (08/20/2009)
This game is so much fun. I always loved playing this game at school, way back when, and always wanted to have it at home.
Guthroev436 (06/23/2009)
This was the best game ever. It is so much fun. I remember playing this game in school and now I am able to play it at home. Thanks.
Glandrid (03/15/2009)
I remember this game, I can't believe it's online for free. I used to waste hours on it in elementary school. Explains my GTA addiction.
Greg (03/15/2009)
This is such a realistic and educational game. It helps expand knowledge and decision making skills. I would recommend this game to anyone.
Brokensiege (03/02/2009)
This game ruled on the Mac. The graphics were better. Either way, this was a totally sweet game. The fact that you got to play it during school was just the icing on the cake.
Shadow20 (02/23/2009)
I remember playing this game at school when I was a kid. It was so much fun! I loved driving the truck around, finding the commodities, and then dropping them off at their destination. Man, I miss that game!
Wolfie_pawz (10/22/2008)
I remember this game from school when I was younger! I used to play it all the time and I knew basicly everything you could do on it. Of course I forgot most of that stuff now but I hope that I can play it again and get back into it. It brings back so many awesome memories. It's such a good game.
Signals_2112 (10/20/2008)
I loved winning the lobster dinner at the end :) But I hated when your windshield broke or your tires became flat and so forth. Fun.
Shelby (09/20/2008)
THIS GAME IS LEGENDARY. The graphics are amazing. It feels like I am quite literally Crossing Canada. I like when you see the little people, you pick up some hitchhikers and they jack your commodities and you're like 'man, how'd they do that?' because really, they didn't steal the truck. They just stole your stuff. :) GREAT GAME.
Boss6an (09/17/2008)
My son started playing this game at school and raves about it - he is only in grade school but everyone's opinion is important to them.
James2232 (07/20/2008)
Very fun and an educational game I had a blast playing it. Even when I wasn't in school. It teaches geometry as well as map skills and you have a blast while doing it.
Ggggg5 (07/14/2008)
This was a fantastic game! Me and my roomate have great memories of playing this at school! It really made me love geography. Definitely was a cool game at the time - and obviously still is.
Desertfox778 (07/12/2008)
I love this game. such nostalgia from playing this back in grade school. I never ever got bored with it.
Tomyj25 (06/23/2008)
This game is so cool. I luv it ! it was one of best games that they had back in the dayÖI remember playing it when I was a lad. Those were the days and this was the game, boys!
Gerbs (04/24/2008)
Awesome game. Played it all the time in elementry school. Very addicting game and I have been out of school for many years.
Link (03/22/2008)
This game rocks! I love it.
Wordyword (03/20/2008)
Fun game. I can truly say I spent around 300 hours on that game. Old school lives.
Thinker32322 (03/13/2008)
I love this game! I have many a memory of going across Canada in that cool truck. In the winter you could put the chains on the tires and you could sleep in motels along the way. I think when I first started playing I didn't really understand the objective, but by the end I really got hooked.
Amadaun (02/12/2008)
This is a smart game.
Jllo01 (01/06/2008)
I loved this game when I was younger. The graphics aren't very good and really the point of the game I still don't really understand but it's a good way to learn around Canada, which a lot of kids did when we were younger.
Thehyper1 (12/19/2007)
My kids love this game. They play it a school and now they want to play it at home. It is great to find games for the kids to enjoy that are educational as well.
Kellym14 (12/05/2007)
GREAT GAME! Graphics are obviously older but this was my favourite game when I was younger and I can't wait to play it again!
Littlecoop (12/03/2007)
I absolutely love CCC, I remember playing it in computer lab when I was a little kid, everyone wanted this game! We had plenty of copies of it, but only a few of the code sheets so it was always a battle! Sure, the graphics are tragic, but that's part of the charm of this classic!
Bigred123456 (12/02/2007)
It’s worth downloading! Because the graphics are great and storyline is good!
Rugbyraynor (11/27/2007)
Great game, used to play this for hours and got additced.
Ccrunner271 (11/19/2007)
Overall great game, very interesting, and informative, but fun at the same time. I would highly recommend this game to everyone.
Matt (11/12/2007)
This game is the best! I highly recommend downloading it!
Sagitarrius (10/26/2007)
This game is exciting and interesting!
Jimmy8888 (09/23/2007)
The game was sort of hard with all the commands, but other wise it was great!
Jimmy8888 (09/23/2007)
The game was sort of hard with all the commands but otherwise it was great!

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