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DOS Games > Educational > Cross Country USA for DOS

Cross Country USA

Genre: Educational    |     Year: 1995    |     Publisher: Didatech    |     Developer: Didatech
Game Review (written by Mgcgrl) Added on: 05/14/2007
Cross Country USA was definitely one of my all time favorite games as a kid. I often played it during computer class in elementary school. At the time, I did not even realize that it was an educational game; it was simply fun to drive around. Then my class got a new computer teacher who actually knew the educational value of the game and handed each of us a commodity list to help us figure out what to do.
In this educational and entertaining computer game, you as the player must drive an eighteen wheel truck across the country (hence the title Cross-Country USA) to load cargo and make deliveries in over one hundred cities.
This enjoyable game taught students how to apply geography knowledge in real life by doing things such as planning routes and reading maps as well as trying to maintain a budget. If my memory serves me correctly, the weather in the game changed so you could find yourself driving through rain or snow. The game also changed from day-time to night-time. Also, the player could also choose to stop at a gas station or go into a diner during the game. If you ever got tired or bored playing the actual game (although that is highly unlikely), you could also gain some entertainment by having a conversation with the computer by typing into the small screen that was close to the center of the dashboard.
Cross Country USA
is truly a wonder as to why this game has been discontinued. Cross-Country USA was very popular with schools across the nation and has been a part of my childhood, as well as many others, from the time where video games and computer games were at their very best. Cross-Country USA is definitely a must have game for children and adults alike for not only its educational value on geography, but also for the enjoyable and entertaining gaming experience it gives to the player. A fantastic game such as Cross-Country USA will never be forgotten. It may have been an educational game, but it was surely one of the best ones.
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Anthony5680 (12/11/2010)
Remember this game from school, loved it! Taught geography and how to stay on top of your resources. Great game for learning and fun!
Lb342502 (04/11/2009)
One of my favorite games back in the day, it would be fun to play again. Right up there with Oregon Trail and Odell Lake.
Metsfan93 (12/14/2008)
I loved this game in elementary school. I remember having to make my guy sleep either in the hotel or the truck. That sounds stupid, but I loved it!
Derek182001 (11/22/2008)
I really used to love this game when I was little, and I want to share it with my kids now that I am a parent.
Dglasgow (09/27/2008)
Cross Country USA is an awesome game that teaches geography skills, resource skills and is just plain fun!
Elm1100 (09/15/2008)
I loved this game when I was growing up! It's supposedly educational, but I always just thought it was "way fun" and nothing else.
Buttercup_483 (06/15/2008)
This game is awesome! I just found the user manual and map that came along with this game a couple of days ago. It really helped me learn all about the states and the geography of the country when I was in school.
Captainjackheyoo (03/14/2008)
I remember playing this game as a little boy in elementary school.
Jen14 (03/10/2008)
Such an awesome game!
Endpin (02/15/2008)
It is a fun game. Hard to find what city the commodies are in but that helps you learn cities. Nice for an older educational game.
Charlie (02/15/2008)
It is a fun game. Nice for an older educational game
Whitney (02/13/2008)
If you want to have fun and interest this game is for you.
Keshia (02/09/2008)
Probably it’s the best game of all time. The graphics are fun and interesting. I highly recommend downloading it.
Ben (01/14/2008)
Love this game. Remember when I was young playing it all day during school not paying attention to the teacher and simply losing my mind
Darkheart130 (01/07/2008)
I used to play this game in school about 7 or 8 years ago. I highly recommend this game for people who want to try something other than your standard shoot em ups.
Jbender (12/30/2007)
I love this game.
Lindsay (11/21/2007)
in this game you have to be really careful about where you are going but it is a really fun way to get active in the computer! i love this game it is the best game i have ever played that includes driving in it! U THINK OYU WOULD THINK THE SAME THING IF YOU TRIY IT! SO TRY IT ALREADY ! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!
Jade (10/19/2007)
This game is so addicting! If you haven't played it you definitely should.
Jimmy8888 (09/23/2007)
The game was super fun! It’s really great!
Pinkbamgirl (09/13/2007)
I was so happy to see this game because I remember playing it as a kid and I loved it so much back then!
Oldgamesyay (07/17/2007)
I was so happy to find this game you wouldn't believe. Echoes of childhood memories playing it had been haunting me for years. This game rocks.
Psyko_dudex (05/13/2007)
this game was fun. a really well thought up game. now I'm not a big fan of car games but i would recommend this.
Paul (05/11/2007)
This game takes me back to when I was a kid in middle school. We played it in our computer class, it was awesome. highly recommended!
Kjsam (05/11/2007)
In this game you can be the driver of an 18-wheel truck and travel across the country to 180 cities trying to avoid mishaps and minimize expenditures. It's very educational.

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