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DOS Games > Educational > Mario is Missing for DOS

Mario is Missing

Genre: Educational    |     Year: 1992    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Hardhittin12) Added on: 10/13/2006
Well when you see the title you think ďGreat, another Mario game, it has to be sweet". Well the game is not bad at all but then again it plays nothing like any Mario game you have ever played before. I remember playing it the first time when I was a bit younger on the SNES, and ran around hours just looking at things and pressing buttons repeatedly until something happens. Back then I didnít have a clue about what I was doing and really did not care for the game in the slightest.
But now as an adult I have grown to kind of like the game. A decent little story mystery puzzle solver. Sort of like the old mystery games of the past from sega and SNES, think 2d myst, meets carmen sandiego but where you actually get to run around as someone for once and not play the game in first person frame by frame view.
The graphics are great for when the game was made, and still not too shabby. 2D graphics from the SNES era almost on par with Super Mario World. The game takes a while to get into with a decent learning curve for most about 20 minutes or so. You probably will not spend hours
Mario is MissingMario is MissingMario is Missing
upon hours playing the game in one sitting, but it will surly make 20 minutes fly by as you try to figure out where the heck and what the heck your suppose to do next.
Not a family everyone kids game like most other Mario games. Itís not an adult Mario game but will probably be too difficult for most people under 12. This game was way under the radar when it came out long ago but was part of a series of learning Mario games that not too many people were interested in. Oh by the way forgot to mention on important thing, you actually do not play as Mario instead you are his green mustache brother Luigi. You see Mario all over the place such as pictures hanging on the walls of him and even a statue, but it just does not seem right without having Mario, but then again it would not be called Mario is missing in that case. If youíre looking to get hooked up on this Mario fix this may be good if you just want something mario-ish, however I really would not recommend this game on its own gameplay merits, as I thought it was a little dry in that apartment. But it had the Mario name to it, so I played it none the less, but be warned.
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Laurajb729 (12/25/2008)
I used to play this game years ago and came here to download it again. It isn't like the usual Mario games, but I love it!
Blobbychris (03/13/2008)
Been looking for this game for a long time. I used to own it and loved it.
Sandaan (02/26/2008)
This is a wonderful and enjoyable game. The graphics are good.
Mookapoo (01/06/2008)
This game is great for kids!
Hotpants24 (10/26/2007)
This game is amazing and will entertain both kids and adults. Fun and educational! The graphics aren't great, but there are many fun aspects such as catching Koopas!
Unkiltedscotsman (10/25/2007)
Great game!
Chicken (10/11/2006)
it's cool.!
Paulw1 (10/07/2006)
a good game to play at lunch time at work

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