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DOS Games > Educational > Mario Teaches Typing for DOS

Mario Teaches Typing

Genre: Educational    |     Year: 1991    |     Publisher: Interplay Entertainment Corp    |     Developer: Interplay Entertainment Corp.
Game Review (written by Chrissi) Added on: 01/25/2008
Take on the role of one of your favourite characters from the Mario series including Mario of course, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool. You will be learning how to type with one of your favorite characters in this wondrous game of Mario Teaches Typing.
When it comes to character selection there won’t be any change in what will occur during the game play itself. When you take your character out into the Outdoor world though things will change a little. You will begin breaking blocks while you type in the correct letters.
Depending on your character selection will depend on how the block will actually be broken graphically.
Out of the lessons there will be a total of nine different lessons to choose from. Some of these lessons can consist of Home Row, Top row, the numbers, lower row, and many more. All of these lessons will assist you with fun and exciting ways all to defeat the game in no time.
Now here is the challenging part. The game will actually keep track of the number of words you type per minute allowing you to challenge yourself more with each level you complete. This will assist in getting you to begin typing faster and more efficiently. Decide on the number of minutes for each lesson
Mario Teaches TypingMario Teaches TypingMario Teaches Typing
you take part in, allowing you to learn each row to the extent you are will to learn at.
The difficulty levels that are apart of this game will range from beginner all the way to challenging. This will allow you to complete the lessons in the difficulty level you feel more comfortable with. The even better part is all your completion will be kept track of on Mario’s chalkboard. On this page you will see the number of mistake you had, accuracy, and timing. This will allow you to challenge yourself even more then what the game is attempting to do.
At the very end of the game if you have successfully completed the game you will be rewarded with a print out showing a picture of Mario with the words congratulations and whatever mode you were currently completing. This allows the younger age group to have something fun to work for.
Generally this game is more dedicated to the use of a younger age group but can be utilized by the adults who are unable to type fast and efficiently. Take the time to learn new things while having fun. Mario Teaches Typing will surely assist you in typing, but in a fun thrilling way.
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Carrot6767 (12/16/2010)
I wish they had an updated version so my kids could learn to play it. but hey maybe they can now! This is the best game Ever!
Pleaj (09/03/2009)
I loved this game when I was learning how to type as a youngster! Definitely more fun than sitting in a keyboarding class!
Neffyiffy (01/03/2009)
I truly believe that this game is what made my typing this good today. I played this as a child and it was super fun and helped me ALOT. Highly recommended.
Xaarin (12/21/2008)
I love this game, this taught me how to type as a child and now I type faster than a lot of people I know, I'm amazed to find it again!
Shafez (11/25/2008)
It is an excellent game to get the kids to familiarize with the keyboard. I am a computer teacher and I will use it with my students.
Honlv213 (09/10/2008)
I love this game! It makes learning to type easy and fun. I played this game when I was little and loved it and i'm stoked to find it again now that im older!
Bleddyn (07/16/2008)
This game is part of what makes the world awesome. If you need to bump up your accuracy and make with a faster WPM, this is the ticket. With this, you want to play hard, and you'll be amazed what the nostalgia can do for motivation if you've let yourself slip.
Bellynap (05/20/2008)
This is an excellent game. I learned how to type with this when I was about 9 years old. Now I want my kids to learn to type with it, especially since they are Super Mario Brothers crazy right now.
Ktong (05/05/2008)
I learned to type with Mario and it’s the most useful computer skill I ever learned as a child.
Ly (02/11/2008)
This is a wonderful and enjoyable game.

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