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DOS Games > Educational > Oregon Trail 1 for DOS

Oregon Trail 1

Genre: Educational    |     Year: 1990    |     Publisher: MECC    |     Developer: MECC
Game Review (written by Djmiriovsky11) Added on: 02/10/2007
This is probably one of the best games I have ever played. I remember growing up with the old school Apple IIe computer at my elementary school, and during free time getting to play the Oregon Trail Game. It was definitely one of those treats you looked forward to each time you had computer class in your day.
Starting off in Independce, and getting to pick what you started your journey with was probably one of the biggest highlights. Loading up on as much ammo as you could handle, a few oxen, many axles, some clothing, and a little food, because you of course want to hunt.
You always seem to pick those who are closest to you even though you know someone is going to die of some horrible disease.
Your journey now begins. Heading down the Oregon Trail towards the Columbia River, and the Dalles. All along the way you come across forts, rivers, hunting areas, graveyards. You have to constantly decide whether you will ford the river or pay to have it ferried across. Friendly "Indians" help you along the way and across the river. All of a sudden you break an axle, thank goodness you bought extra and can replace it. You come across a Fort. Oh what do I need to buy? Of course more ammo, to keep your hunting game alive and well,
Oregon Trail 1Oregon Trail 1Oregon Trail 1
and of course for food. A member of your party comes down with an illness, maybe/hopefully just a cold. Well let's stop and rest for a few days, but be careful don't rest too long or you won't be able to make it through the pass before winter falls. During your rest, the party member recovers, YES! Oh let's stop for a hunt. You hope to come across a bear or a dear, no more little rabbits and squirrels, who needs those. You shoot way over the limit of which you can carry in your wagon, but none the less you feel awesome about your shooting ability. Brrrr, itís starting to get cold, and there you have it, you lose a party member to typhoid fever. Great, I hope it wasn't my wife! Moving along, past Fort Robinson, heading towards the pass, to go over the Rockies or around? What a dilemma? Moving along quickly, you pass over the Rockies and just miss a terrible winter storm that you have for sure killed your entire party and your oxen. Oh no, an oxen died. Thank goodness you had a few extra to help you along the way. Now what, the Columbia or the Dalles? Oh no, another member dies of dysentery. What a terrible way to die! You've made it to the Dalles and you still have members in your party. You decide to navigate the river, and boy as a 7 year old, this was very difficult. Dodging rocks, over rapids, and around trees, you manage to complete the navigation and make it to Oregon!
Man what an incredible game that has created so many memories. My buddies and I still talk about this game and are now all trying to buy Apple IIe's and find the original game. We are getting closer!
Thank you!
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Burnout143 (01/10/2011)
This is the best! What a blast! Old time fun! I remember way back in the day playing this game at school on and old (well new at the time) computer. I think that the best part is by far the hunting of food.
Tootsnboots719 (12/15/2010)
I loved playing his game in 3rd grade on in the classroom. I never knew they had newer versions of it.
Dagobah12345 (07/28/2009)
A very addicting game from start to finish. I remember spending my free time in elementary school playing this.
Athenameanswar (07/25/2009)
Memories! I loved this as a kid! I remember shooting buffalo for hours! Very educational of course! I have passed this game onto younger siblings in the hope that they will too remember!
Cdubohio (07/21/2009)
I loved playing this game in elementary school! I tried the "updated" PC version and was very disappointed! Can't wait to try the good 'ole version!
Lukephillips (07/12/2009)
Hunting is quite easily the best. Spend many days in the Elementary School lab playing this game.
King1003_03 (06/30/2009)
This game is so much fun! I used to play it ALL the time! The best part is hunting. I always tried to shoot the buffalo, but I usually had to settle with a deer.
Redbull25 (06/23/2009)
Really great game, I remember playing it at school and not understanding how my entire party kept getting scurvy when we didn't have any fruits or vegetables.
Kidjraoa (05/26/2009)
This game is the greatest! You can literally hunt forever. Can't be better! Just rmemeber that it is impossible to have everyone live on the hard level. Someone will always die no matter what.
Trezhamayn (05/19/2009)
One of my favorite games growing up, I'm so stoked that I can bust it out. Don't forget to ford the river.
Carolinagirl2002 (04/29/2009)
I love this game. First one I ever learned to play on the computer. I remember it being much harder than it actually is, but then again, I was just a kid at the time.
Shizawn (04/28/2009)
Definately a great game to grow up on. School was fun because I could play this on the Apple IIe.
Surfacex (04/24/2009)
Totally Rad! Why wouldn't you like this game. It has everything you need and you learn! Play it, Share it, Live it.
Klhill (04/17/2009)
I used to play this game all the time in elementary school as well. I loved it then and I still love it now!
Gcoker26 (04/01/2009)
This game is awesome. I used to love playing this game at school in the library. Lots of good memories. Takes me back to a better place and time.
Pinkles75 (03/15/2009)
I loved playing this game when I was a child. It was my favorite part of computer class. I can't wait to play it again. I just hope it is as fun as it was then.
Aw10182002 (03/12/2009)
I loved playing this game when I was a kid. This was usually the reward for being good, and motivated many of us just so we could play.
Bedofdolls (01/13/2009)
Wow this really takes me back to all the hours I spent playing this game! Completley Addictive and an amazing game!
Auburn983 (01/11/2009)
Wow, this game brings back some great memories. Glad I found it. I can't leave the computer!
Smbdodgers (01/05/2009)
This game is awesome. I haven't played it in such a long time. I always seem to die though. It's kind of sad.
Snnuggalorian (12/09/2008)
This was an origional game that everyone should try to play at least once. This game was the #1 thing to do back in grade school, and when I feel like playing a retro game, this is one of the few that I am willing to seek out.
Lethal lad (12/06/2008)
What an amazing game. I can't tell y'ou how many hours I spent. Really don't think I ever made it all the way, but this is definitely a case of "getting there is half the fun".
Steenr (11/27/2008)
This game is awesome, I used to play this game all the time as a kid. Give it a try, you will love it
Federoli33 (11/22/2008)
Love it, just as I remembered. Have been playing it for hours since I downloaded it . Could maybe use a little updating, but doesn't matter, hunting is the best.
Aundi (11/19/2008)
Just hearing the title brings back old memories. Great game! Although I always died before I could finish the game. I think it's because I really liked wasting my time going hunting. it was always fun to count how many days left before computer day came up.
Phoenixamaranth (11/07/2008)
Ah, the greatest classic of all time. It is a real legend for sure. I remember this was the first computer game I ever played. Way back in the day it was the hit at school. Everyone remembers this one.
Bear_killer64 (10/24/2008)
One of the greatest games ever made. Played it in school every time I had a chance. Our class had 2 computers in our classroom so we had a few fights for them.
Roltorres (10/16/2008)
Wow finally found it one of the best games ever, I used to play it in mexico back in the day in school I can't wait to play it again.
D-butcher (10/15/2008)
The Oregon Trail is a timeless game that I will share with my kids. This was my first experience of using a game in a classroom for school.
Dragonhope44 (10/07/2008)
This is a really fun game. I played Oregon Trail forever when I was young. It's pretty educational, too!
Special Instructions (Source: Support Team | Added on: 02/10/2007)
This is the first and original Oregon Trail 1.0 release for DOS from 1990. Please use the DosBox Emulator Software to start the game.

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