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Oregon Trail Game

Oregon Trail Deluxe

Genre: Educational    |     Year: 1992    |     Publisher: MECC    |     Developer: MECC
Game Review 1 (written by Jame1) Added on: 08/13/2006
The Oregon Trail Game is a classic that I believe is one of the timeless games, in PC history. I played the game when I was a child and still enjoy playing it today. I remember many a failed attempt at traveling the trail. I really didn't finish it until I was an early teenager. Oregon Trail Deluxe is definitely one the funniest educational games ever made.
The graphics are simple but the outstanding history and facts make up for its lack of high detailed graphics.
Its characters are colorful and their stories are easy to recognize and relate to the time. It is one game that has stood the test of time, and will always be a player favorite. Even though it is out dated and often overshadowed by more modern games it remains a playable classic. I like the fact that in a trail journal you can add your own input, possibly even helpful when playing future games. It is outstandingly realistic in the telling of the true Oregon Trail. It is true in the fact that in the oregon trail game many in your party will die along the way; this true to life bluntness makes it outstanding in realism as far as reality is concerned.
And you can
Oregon Trail Deluxe 1Oregon Trail Deluxe 2Oregon Trail Deluxe 3
talk to people while traveling the trail. This is especially helpful in traveling the trail when most of their short conversations include game-play tips. It also gives the oregon trail game more realism as these characters fit the part of real life people. I think the arcade games are a lot of fun to dabble in. Such as the hunting game. It is quite fun shooting the animals and gathering meat the man way. This will save you money in the long run when you have to buy less food in Independence. Itís a way of saving money on an already tight budget, such as the farmer salary.
I wasted many rounds of ammunition shooting at the hawks and geese. It is also very sobering when you come across a grave from one of your prior attempts at the trail. Another little arcade game included in the oregon trail game package is the little river rafting excursion down to the Wilmette Valley. It is a fun game to play that will bring you hours of enjoyment and sometimes frustration. I will tell you right now it is not easy to survive the trail, as it was in real life no doubt. I recommend it very highly, have fun and enjoy.
Game Review 2 (written by Vr66sic) Added on: 08/10/2006
I loved playing Oregon Trail! It was so much fun and it also brought back child hood memories!! When I was a kid in school I remember not being able to wait until we were done with our activities on the computer so that I could play the oregon trail game on the apple computers, the only thing I don't remember is how short the game actually is! Before I couldn't even finish a game but now it only took me about a half an hour! It was still extremely fun, though!
Although this game is definitely a classic it is so much different playing it now compared to in, like 1993, because of how far computers and their graphics have advanced. It is still the same game though and I think changing the oregon trail game might ruin it. I don't know if they have changed it but I guess I would be interested in trying it out if they have! Just to see what it's like!
One thing that has not changed is that I have a very hard time killing those squirrels and rabbits which remind me of why it is I love this game! It has quite a few aspects which keep you interested, for instance, you have to strategize from the beginning, deciding your profession, which determines how much money you initially receive, I either go with the banker or doctor, although I have found that as a doctor my "family" still takes a while to overcome illnesses, so I continue to rest often and eat the max even if it takes more hunting (my favorite part anyway) in the long run.
Then you have to decide what to buy and I prefer to buy 6 oxen, enough clothing plus a few pair extra and start off with a thousand pounds of food. I wish though that you could get medicine and tools, perhaps, in case of all those little mishaps which arise. But oh well.
Then you start the game and like I said before I wish it was a little longer sometimes, but it works great if you just want to sit down for a good old fashioned Oregon Trail Game.
Another thing I like is that while it is fun and keeps you on the edge, you also learn little things like how things were back then and also how people lived and got along with the Indians. The one thing I don't like, although historically correct is that when you kill a buffalo, most of the meat is wasted, if I could change it you would be able to use all the meat that you killed!
Otherwise I love this game and I always will!!! Thanks for making it available for mine and others pleasure!!!!
Game Review 3 (written by Jtayl2) Added on: 07/31/2006
Oregon Trail is a classic computer game! For me, it all started when I was introduced to the game in second grade. I am a sophomore in college and I still remember the oregon trail game like it was yesterday. This is a game that just sticks with you no matter how old you get. The game is about a journey across early non-modernized America through the frontier. The adventure is very exciting. The key objective is trying to survive through the wilderness. The game has every concept covered including hunting.
You can ask anyone about playing the oregon trail game and the first thing they will comment on is the hunting. Hunting in this game is really fun. You can hunt animals like rabbit, bears, birds, buffalo, and dear. Try to be careful not to shoot more than you can carry or eat or it will spoil. Keeping a tab on your supplies is key to survival. We are human beings and we do get sick, so you have to be aware of you environment and keep everyone healthy.
This game teaches you on how life was back then. Living on the frontier was no easy task to accomplish. The Oregon Trail is famous still today in all history books. This game portrays and respects our ancestors who tracked across America to find new land. These people populated the west coast to find work and in search of gold. The graphics to the game are good. They are old but so is the oregon trail game. Do not worry about the graphics. Just try to feel out the game and understand that the game is not about the graphics. The game focuses on details and scenarios that one would encounter if one were to track across America on the infamous Oregon Trail.
I would recommend this game to children ten and up. It does require some knowledge and experience to put together a gameplan to beat the game.
The game is not that difficult, but it is challenging. There are a lot of historical sites that the game features as one is going along. I was really glad that my school introduced the oregon trail game to me when I was young. It left a lasting impression.
Other games like Where In The World Is Carmen SanDiego, Dino Tycoon, and The Sims were also big hit games around the time when Oregon Trail was really popular. I still recommend Oregon Trail as the best game though. Have fun and good luck!
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Since010501 (06/21/2007)
Oregon Trail is and always will be an amazing game. No matter how old you are. I played it from the 5th grade and I still enjoy playing it. It never becomes old.
Moneymikey (06/21/2007)
One of the first computers games I have played. Such an addicting game, I remember skipping school just to play this game at home.
Ghostchild (06/11/2007)
Great game. We used to play this for hours on end in elementary school, you were lucky to find a computer that was not being used. I always took a doctor because I always got yellow fever.
Cmv95 (06/02/2007)
i remember this game from a long time was amazing and i really liked it it actually helped me learn stuff about the west and everybody always wanted to play it on the computer.we would fight all the time
Courtney (05/24/2007)
I loved playing Oregon Trail in school. I played the original version in the mid 80's in elementary school. I've looked for a while for an Oregon Trail Download. I'm so glad I've found a version I can play on my home computer.
Sara_royce (04/03/2007)
Oregon Trail was the absolute best part of elementary and middle school. I don't even think that there was a point to attending class unless Oregon Trail was going to be played that day.
Rachbabe0012 (04/01/2007)
This game is so fun! I love it so much! I used to play it in elementary school. I want to play it again now. You should play this game too!
Bomma (03/16/2007)
I played the oregon trail game in elementary school, and I remember all the fun I had. It is a great family game and parents love how children like to play it and learn at the same time.
Nicole (03/10/2007)
i love this game i remember playing it in the 4th grade in our math class we had our teacher would let us play it when we had free time. i've also been thinkin about this game for awhile.
Julia (03/10/2007)
this game made my childhood . i learned almost nothing from it . but i loved it like crazy. the best part was always deing from dysentary and having my ox die. sure it sounds morbid but this is THE best game ever.
Tokamoto (02/26/2007)
I love this game! I played the Oregon Trail Games in elementary school and it was the most influential thing in my life. It made me decide to become a prospecter as well as someone who literally traveled the Oregon Trail.
Sharon (12/10/2006)
Great game. I have played it for years, and I am far from young. I am waiting for Oregon Trail Game Version 2.0 ! I want to bring a few things from home with me, I want to pack the wagon correctly, and I want to pick up some of the things that fall out of the wagon when it tips over going up a hill. Did you ever wonder why you can pick fresh berries in the snow in April? Or how there are 5,000 pounds of fish in one small stream? By the time I get to my destination, I can fish, gather, and then trade enough to fill a home, feed everyone through the winter, and start a small farm. I would like the oregon trail game to continue for five yeas of the characters lives - to see how they do. Maybe building a soddy for the first winter, then a log cabin the next summer; along with planting a garden and canning food for the next winter. Or building a big barn and raising cattle or chickens for eggs that could be sold to the local general store. I could go on forever.I love the game.can't wait for future versions.
Diabolical_34 (12/05/2006)
I used to play this game all the time @ my moms computer class job when I was in Elementary School. I could never get passed like the 1st or 2nd level I donít remember.
Oldsoul (11/15/2006)
I used to play this game when I was younger and I loved it! I have been looking for this game for a while and I have finally found it. Oregon Trail is a great fun and educational game. Truly a classic!
Bert_8 (11/12/2006)
This game is great Iím going to play this when I get back from my sports and finish my homework. This game rules who ever invented this game should make more game like this. So thank you for making this game!
Rumshir2 (10/28/2006)
I would love to have the opportunity to teach my kids the art of this game. I would spend hours on this game as a child. This game made me wonder what was going to happen next.
I played this game and wow. It took my breath away! I love this game so much. It is awesome. If you like hunting, laughing, crying, stress and fun download oregon trail right now.
Garth15 (10/01/2006)
i have played the oregon trail game numerous times. Just the thought of knowing how people struggled to survive in evertday life of living off the land and every hardship that went along with it, was amazing. the whole process of having to know what time of the year that you want to start out takes some thought about conditions of weather, health, money. then having to pick what type of profession you want to be, reqiures some thought of how it will help or not. how much supplies and provisions, and what type. do we need extra and how much is a big concern. then how fast should you and could you travel without effecting your health or the health of the livestock. can you hunt? are you a good shot? do you know where to hunt? all of these things are fascinating. graphics on the are pretty good, very enjoyable. would reconmmend for all ages to play an oregon trail game.
Losewhat1234 (09/29/2006)
the graphics of this game are not that bad but i have been really enjoying this game because i played oregon trail when i went to high school and this game is still intresting to me. In the game you have to keep the people alive during the game.
Coolkicks11 (08/28/2006)
This is a very cool game. I loved the oregon trail game ever since I was in elementry school. This game has been in my family for many many many years, this game is very educational it helps in a lot of areas such as math, reading this game is just plain old fun.
Habeev (08/19/2006)
ya this game rocks! i remember like all the time our class would go down to the computer lab and we'd all play it, we always tried to get the farthest or finish the game before all the other kids. and oh ya dont let Jenny get bit by a Rattlesnake. lol!
Suyuyan (08/15/2006)
this game is fun. the hunting part is the best. i remember when i was in grade school. everytime my class went to the computer lab we all couldn't wait to play Oregon Trail!

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