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DOS Games > Educational > SimTown for DOS


Genre: Educational    |     Year: 1995    |     Publisher: Maxis Software Inc.    |     Developer: Maxis Software, Inc.
Game Review (written by Michelle) Added on: 03/02/2008
SimTown is an educational simulation game that is geared more toward children. It was published in 1995 by Maxis, and is similar to the SimCity game. You are to build a town from the ground up and make it and its citizens prosper.
You begin the game with a piece of land with absolutely nothing on it. You will need to position homes, businesses, and other buildings on the land. The graphics are cute, with the buildings being made out of unusual materials.
The video store is made out of video tapes, while the police station’s roof is built out of handcuffs. You also will place streets, roads, plants, and trees in your town.
An educational goal of the game is accomplished by showing how a town is managed. Besides placing the items, you also have to keep the town running by making sure it is supplied with water, has garbage service, has food resources, and a recycling program. These services need to be monitored, as there are consequences if there are problems such as the water supply diminishes or garbage builds up.
There are disasters that threaten your town. You can be hit by an earthquake, suffer a drought, or have buildings catch
on fire. The Food Pig can eat all of the town’s crops. Your water supply can be lowered by the Water Hog. The Litterbug can create a whole lot of garbage. And then there’s the Air Polluter, who needs no explanation. If you are just learning the game, you can turn off these disasters, but can turn them back on again when you want more of a challenge.
Each home in SimTown has two adults, two children, and a pet. Naturally, many adults need a job, so you need to regulate the work force. You must keep a balance between the number of jobs in the town and the number of residents. Businesses and civic offices need a certain number of employees to thrive, so you need to make sure you have enough workers to fill these positions. If you don’t, the buildings will crumble. On the other hand, if you have more workers than you have job openings then you will have many people on unemployment. If they stay unemployed too long, their homes will rot away and they will leave town.
There are a few options in how you play the game. You can start the game off with a Starter Town—a town that is partially set up. Several such towns can help an inexperienced player learn the basics of the game. A more experienced player can select a Fixer-Upper Town, which is a town that has a specific problem, such as no water or crops, that you have to fix. Other game features include the ability to create a resident who provides you with information about how the town is thriving. A local newspaper also gives you the conditions of the town.
SimTown isn’t just an ordinary educational game, as it is a lot of fun to build your own town. The challenge is worth it when you are awarded with trophies and ribbons when you meet specific requirements and objectives. Kids, and kids at heart, will both find this game worth downloading.
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Angel (06/22/2009)
I've got great memories attached to school just because of this game. Very simple yet fun and enjoyable. Definately a 10 out of 10 rating.
Ryu92 (05/02/2009)
I love this game so much. I used to play it all the time when I was younger like around 8 or 9. me and my friends would go to each others house and look at cities that thay made. life was good back then
Hi024 (04/15/2009)
I love this game, I used to play it as a kid all the time and I cant wait to play it again for old times sake.
Rosemarry sreem (04/14/2009)
This game is highly educational apart from keeping them off the streets. I only wish it could easily be dowloaded from teh internet.
Aw10182002 (03/12/2009)
This was truly a classic game. Brings back a lot of memories from when I was younger. One of those addictive games that is sometimes more fun to play than the most modern video games.
5knights (03/12/2009)
I used to be addicted to this game. I think it's great. It's easy to use, and fun to play. Although the graphics are pretty old, they're also pretty decent. I'd definitely recommend this game.
Dillon sandlin (12/15/2008)
My social studies teacher has this game on our computers and I thought it was cool so I thought I would try to find it on a yahoo search.
Alpha-ninja (11/07/2008)
I can remember playing this game at school - more than twenty kids in a library, all playing the same game, with at least three more kids huddled around to watch the fun. Educational, easy, enjoyable, fun and very addictive: a game that people can keep coming back to, again and again. The game play and graphics are well done, and the game never grows old – it grows on you instead. Simtown is a real classic; an enjoyable, tantrum-free and painless way for younger children to learn, and adults can have fun sharing with their child, too.
Fevertotell (09/26/2008)
A great, educational game which involves problem solving and learning. An old- time favorite from my childhood.
Hazdaddy (09/22/2008)
Excellent game for beginners. Very intuitive and fun. Allows those recently introduced to the PC, an opportunity to hone up on their skills.
Sparklingstars (08/28/2008)
I loved this game as a child! It's easy to understand, and very cutesy. It's a good game to let kids learn about how cities need to stay balanced in what kinds of buildings they contain
Sportsk8ter (05/03/2008)
This game is excellent. Not only is it fun, but its educational and allows kids and adults alike to learn the whole idea of problem and fixing the problems. I would recommend it to all. I remember playing it as a child and having to set the timer as me and my friend could not handle sharing as it was so fun!

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