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DOS Games > Educational > Super Solvers: Operation Neptune for DOS

Super Solvers: Operation Neptune

Genre: Educational    |     Year: 1990    |     Publisher: The Learning Company    |     Developer: The Learning Company
Game Review (written by Halscar) Added on: 08/19/2006
This classic game involves the player diving through the deepest coves of the ocean as a rider on a high-tech, shiny silver submarine. Along the way, the player has to pick up pieces of an experimental submarine that went wrong, as well as the data logs from the ship that sank along with the failed experiment. The player has to think numerically, be able to solve puzzles, and be on his toes the whole time.
There are some nasty fish in the ocean, contaminated by leaks and spills from the derelict submarine, and they don't seem to want you in their ocean territory.
With a limited oxygen supply and ink pellets that will help by stunning the evil fish, you must make your way down to the bottom of the ocean. The sub, too, occasionally needs help. You have to solve puzzles to regulate power, oxygen, and other important functions of the submarine. You will also need to analyse the readings given by the submarine to tell you how contaminated the water actually is. Contamination pasta certain level would spell disaster for the world.
Finally, some crazy person on board the mother submarine decided that they can't allow the ocean fish inside, so they have locked the mother sub up tight. Your poor little sub has no salvation until you have collected each and every piece
Super Solvers: Operation NeptuneSuper Solvers: Operation Neptune
of the derelict ship from the area, the data log, and you must unlock the mother sub's hatch door. Don't forget, if you miss something, they will make you go back and try again, and if you lose all your air, you have to go back out the beginning and start over. If you lose all your lives, you go back to the start of the whole zone.
With 5 zones in each of the easy and hard levels, and 3 areas in each, the game presents a challenge for all levels of age, bringing math and color under the sea for everyone to observe. Mystery, learning, adventure and fun await each and every player willing to challenge the furthest and darkest levels of the bottom of the ocean where nothing is more apparent than the need for a real, true, competent, intelligent Super Solver of the highest quality. When nothing else will do, call in the team that will get the job done: the few, the proud, the best of the best, the Super Solvers.
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Mystharia (04/15/2009)
This was my favorite computer game as a kid. My mom would only buy educational games for me! It was so great!
Aydae (12/13/2008)
This game was great. The entire Super Solvers series was fantastic. Fun and educational, which is often a hard thing to find!
Gramms (11/30/2008)
All of my grandkids learned to do elementary math using this game and the other games from The Learning Company. It's still one of their very favorite games - and mine.
Jlsparling (10/22/2008)
Great game. I loved it in public school, great for building basic math skills. I've gotten pretty lazy by having a calculator all time, want to be able to do simple math in my head again!
Srbarr (07/23/2008)
I spent many hours playing this game, and it was so much better than those mindless and violent games kids are playing these days. Can't wait to play it again.
Gamer82 (05/20/2008)
Great game. I remember spending hours playing it.
Sah62 (03/01/2008)
This was a great game! I used to play it all the time. I'm not sure what the real educational value was - the math was pretty easy even for a little kid, but it was a lot of fun.
Sapphiretigress (10/31/2007)
Operation Neptune was the first game I ever played as a kid. Of course, other Super Solvers titles came later, but ON was always my top fav.
Samestpirate (10/06/2007)
This game is fantastic! My brother and I both played it when we were kids and now I've got my niece into it. The arcade-style missions make it seem a lot less like an educational game.
Meyro (08/21/2007)
Great game. My daughter has been playing it with lots of enthusiasm and learning and improving her math while having fun. Like those educational games a lot. Definitely recommended
Boofydawg (08/12/2007)
I loved this game when I was a kid! I always ended up using all my computer lab time playing it!

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