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DOS Games > Puzzle Games > H > Heartlight Deluxe for DOS

Heartlight Deluxe

Genre: Puzzle    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Asriel36) Added on: 03/04/2007
Heartlight is a maze/puzzle game. You are an elf who simply wants to collect all the hearts in a level and exit the level by getting to and going though the door. The door only opens when you get all the hearts in a level. The only problem is you have to be very careful about how you gather the hearts because anything that falls on you kills you. This includes the hearts. You also have to be careful that you aren't in the path of any grenades you've set up to go off.

To get through the levels, you have to use the grass, marbles, balloons and grenades to your advantage in gaining access to hearts that have been blocked off by walls or something similar.
I can remember spending hours playing this as a kid and feeling so defeated when I needed to get my dad to help me finish a level.
When you mess up a level and go to reset it, the elf gives you this defeated sigh and spontaneously combusts. It's kinda funny the first couple of times, then it gets frustrating.
I went through it so many times that I can probably do the first two levels blindfolded. My favorite level is a timed one, where you begin with a marble
No Thumbnail available
above you. As soon as you move to enter the level, the marble falls on the grenades circling the game area and then it's a race to collect all the hearts and get to the door before the door explodes. Fun times.
The graphics of course are not the best in the world but more than enough to make the game enjoyable. I remember the music being pretty good. A club/techno mix. But the computer we owned at the time had sound issues, so I usually played with the speakers off.
The elf gets so happy when he reaches the door and does a nice little dance.

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