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DOS Games > Puzzle Games > L > Lose Your Marbles for DOS

Lose Your Marbles

Genre: Puzzle    |     Year: 1997    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Uniqueblah) Added on: 02/21/2007
I remember this game from when I was still at primary school. I have never noticed the game, till I got bored of playing pinball and solitaire all the time. Instead of actually playing and winning marbles in the school yard, like what most boys do at lunch and recess, I went home to play "Lose your Marbles".
It's actually quite fun when you actually get into the game. I quite enjoyed it. It is very similar to "Bejeweled", all you have to do is match up the marbles according to their colors/patterns etc.
and eliminate them. The goal is to lose all you marbles before your opponent, which is the computer or player two. If you line up as many same colored/patterned etc. marbles the more points you can earn.
The game is targeted at school kids, because the graphics and sound, are based of those you would hear in a school yard at lunch or recess, or anyone who wants to reminisce the good old primary school days with a handful of marbles. The logo of the game, a red marble with arms and legs, it closely resembles the character of the "red" M&M , which I thought was very funny.
Lose Your Marbles, requires the players to conjure up tactics for the fastest and
No Thumbnail available
most efficient way to win the game. The total number of wins and tallied up against your opponent. As you can see, the game is ever continuing, and each win you get, the level of complexity increases i.e. the computer becomes harder and harder to defeat. It actually gets quite challenging when you get to a certain level, but thatís what drives me to keep playing to defeat the opponent.
Lose Your Marbles is a great way to kill time, and cure the sickness of boredom, which I'm sure everyone has from time to time. I remember lending the game for a friend at school, and she enjoyed it as much as I did. We would meet up the next day to compare the scores and levels we have reached. Soon, everyone is my class was playing.
It's a very cute and fun game that suits many kids who are into marbles, or want a quick game before tea. I strongly recommend Lose Your Marbles. It may not sound dashing at all, I am sure once you get started you can't really get away from it. Beware this game is very, very addicting. Have fun
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Forgetallisay (01/28/2009)
I'm so happy to have found this game. I remember playing this game at my gradeschool and then losing it when I went to highschool. I'm glad I found it again.
2amorra (01/15/2009)
Awesome game. Classic. Glad that I finally found it online. I'm going to try and download it and see if it's like the original that was released all those years ago.
Syxx4614 (11/23/2008)
Awesome game. Classic. Glad that I finally found it online. I'm going to try and download it and see if it's like the original that was released all those years ago.
Tariq (11/22/2008)
Great, I have been looking for this game for a long time. Thanks alot for it, and i hope to be always in touch with this site.
Khalil (07/02/2008)
Lose Your Marbles is a nice game that talks about a play ground game and helps fullfil your time.
Peppercat45 (05/27/2008)
I have been searching for this game for about five years, since I played it on my friend's computer. I liked it then and I still like it now. Its colourful and you need to get your speed up to beat the computer as the game progresses. If you like the gem games, this should also suit you. It makes a nice change from the regular games.
Ahmad (10/02/2007)
It's a great game!
Muradpoo (09/09/2007)
Wow! It’s great!
Jaydz (02/17/2007)
this game rocks so much

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