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DOS Games > Puzzle Games > P > Pharaoh Ascent for DOS

Pharaoh Ascent

Genre: Puzzle    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Shannon) Added on: 01/11/2008
Ambertec Incorporated developed and released Pharaoh’s ascent in the late nineties. It is purely a Windows game, and is a puzzle strategy game with an Egyptian theme. It is portrayed in a third person perspective.
The goal of the game is to help the protagonist…a dead Egyptian soul…traverse through a series of traps and puzzles created by the god Set. If the soul can defeat the enemies, Set has put before him, and can solve the puzzles and pass the tests, he will reach the Kingdom of Osiris.
If the user makes it, he will be offered a place beside Osiris on the throne in the world of the dead.
Pharaoh’s Ascent takes place inside of an Egyptian tomb. It begins as a platform game, and the user has to jump, shoot blue fireballs and climb around within the tomb. There are blocks that move to open up new areas and keys that will unlock doors. The classical Egyptian theme naturally offers great desert enemies, such as mummies and other monsters. The pyramid must have belonged to a once great leader of the Egyptian people, because Pharaoh’s Ascent features a total of ninety-one rooms to explore. They form six level pyramid, each with slightly different (but still Egyptian oriented) themes.
Aside from the platform action
No Thumbnail available
created by the jump and run beginnings, Pharaoh’s Ascent features many elements of classical puzzle games. Each room has puzzles to be solved and very challenging mini-games. Completely ignoring the platform play, Pharaoh’s Ascent is a thought-provoking head scratcher for even the most avid puzzle game enthusiast. The rooms are filled with ingenious traps, such as falling blocks, flaming arrows, fire bombs and other classical Egyptian pyramid booby traps. They need to be avoided or cleverly blocked in order to survive. The goal of each room is to figure out a way to move the large, rolling key to the door that it will inevitable open, allowing the player to escape and move on to the next room.
In summary, Pharaoh’s Ascent does a good job of combining several completely different gaming qualities to make an excellent hybrid game. It has a little bit to offer everyone, from those with great reflexes to the mental giants of the gaming community. It is frustrating and addicting, and should provide hours of excellent game play.
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Rodjz (07/05/2008)
This game made me crazy! Fantastic! At the first levels i thought this was easy. but then! It really tests my strategy.

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