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DOS Games > Puzzle Games > S > Super Password for DOS

Super Password

Genre: Puzzle    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Arlea) Added on: 04/23/2007
It’s rare these days to find computer games that two friends can play together in real life on the same computer – rather than through networked computers or on the web. Super password fills the bill. It’s a very old game with CGI graphics that are nostalgic and quite amusing.
Based on the TV game show, this word game is a test of vocabulary and general knowledge. Each human is matched up with a computer team-mate and the two teams play against each other.
In each round the ‘giver’ sees a word on the computer screen and types in a one-word clue (synonym, antonym, similar word) to help the receiver to guess it. For example, if the word is ‘giant’ you might type in ‘huge’, ‘big’ etc. If the guess is wrong, the other team gets a chance. When someone guesses the word it appears on another screen as a clue to the password which might be something like a celebrity name, film title or place. There are up to five clues and you try to guess the password in as few clues as possible – before the other team does. The person who correctly guesses the password goes on to the speed round where
No Thumbnail available
they are given the first letter of several words and a number of clues for each and have to guess as many as possible in 60 seconds.
I watched the TV show Password as a kid and first played the computer game on my old Apple IIc (before the first Mac came out). I later got a PC version. It really stands the test of time as it’s a simple word game that doesn’t require any bells and whistles to enjoy.
Considering the age of the game, I am really impressed by its database of words and passwords. You can play it over and over without getting the same clues twice. And by the time you do hit a random repeat, you’ll have forgotten what the answer was supposed to be. The computer team-mates are typically pretty good at guessing the word if you give them relevant clues (and if they don’t you can have a laugh at their expense and rant to your real-life opponent about their stupidity). A warning to players in the UK – try to use American spellings, the game can’t usually cope with British ones.
I’d recommend Super Password to anyone who enjoys a quick game or two of matching wits with a friend. People who like this game might also enjoy one of the old versions of Family Feud.

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