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DOS Games > Puzzle Games > W > Welltris for DOS


Genre: Puzzle    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Moonlitsonata) Added on: 02/25/2007
Ah, Tetris. Remember that old game where the different shaped boxes slide down the screen and you have a choice whether to switch its direction or speed it up? The game where you try to match them all up in a good line and fit them together perfectly with no openings? Tetris is a very old game, popular back then and will continue to be a great classic far into the future, guaranteed. Many people have played this old game, aged and young and I know just about everyone has played it whether you liked it, loved it, or just plain hated it.

I am a big lover of classical games so it was no surprise to me that I came to really like ĎWelltrisí. This game, ĎWelltrisí is based on this classical game Tetris, but with a new style to it. I think this style is very unique and gives a bigger boost of fun to it. This new way of playing Tetris makes it more exciting and more strategic, making you think more than you normally would on a Tetris game. The object of the game is just the same as the older one, but the colored shaped blocks are falling down as well and you put the pieces together, but there is a catch!
The ground is circular and that causes the
No Thumbnail available
coordination to be more challenging and once they fall down, they move upon their sides. You may have many tries before you actually get the hang of it and once you do, the game tends to be very fun and somewhat easy.
The name ĎWelltrisí comes from the object of the game, hence the blocks falling down a well. This catchy title caught my eye when I was browsing through games, so Iím sure itíll catch yours as well. I think that is very unique and clearly specifies how the game is played. I really liked this game personally, I am an old Tetris lover and I just canít get enough of that classic! Itís very puzzling so be sure to have lots of time on your hands before you get into it, because youíre bound to get addicted! I rate this game a big 9 out of 10! Have fun with this game, because its loaded with classical fun with a new age twist! So get ready and have your brainís pumping, because youíll need them for this awesome game!
This game is awesome, so donít hesitate to play it! Itíll be worth the while and fun!
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Trustman (03/04/2011)
A totally addictive game and one of the best computer games ever created. It is great to start at a higher level as your scores mount quickly and eliminates the slow play of the first few levels.
Corbscorner (05/29/2008)
Welltris is one of my favorite games from growing up. I used to play it for hours. It is difficult and fun at the same time.
Weltrisfan (12/16/2007)
This is a fantastic spin off of the classic tetris. The appeal in this game comes from the fact that you see pieces falling down one of four sides of a well. pieces slide across the bottom to the opposit wall or stop when they hit another piece. If you love tetris, give this game a chance.

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