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DOS Games > Role Playing > C > Chaos Strikes Back for DOS

Chaos Strikes Back

Genre: Role-Playing    |     Year: 2001    |     Publisher: Freeware    |     Developer: FTL Software
Game Review (written by Ilumaris) Added on: 08/16/2009
Probably the first thing to make clear is that in order to get anywhere with Chaos Strikes Back is you will need to have played and preferably completed the original Dungeon Master first. This is because you have got to start off with a Dungeon Master saved position so that you have some kind of decent team to use with high levels. (Well this isn't strictly true - you can start from scratch by picking a team at the beginning, but you won't get far due to the team not having enough levels.
) Due to the immense popularity of the original, this should still leave quite a large potential audience.
Okay, I have completed Dungeon Master and built my team up to very high levels. I had great fun just building up the levels of my characters for hours. I recommend you find an area in Dungeon Master with respawning creatures that provide food when killed and a not too far away water supply and keep killing the respawning monsters with spells and attacks from your weapons to build up your teams levels. Chaos Strikes Back is 100 percent spot on to how I remember it on my old Atari ST. The puzzles are deviously clever. It helps to have played Dungeon Master first
Chaos Strikes BackChaos Strikes Back
so you will have more of an idea of the style of the puzzles.
It’s amazing how a game this old still hasn't lost any of its atmosphere. Learning how to cast spells is great - you have to use the mouse to click in manually rune symbols. You quickly personally remember what combo of runes cast important spells.
Game developers today should take note of how to make a game like this that is a legend.
There are still loads of websites out there with maps, cheats and walkthroughs after all this time. There are even programs out there on the web that let you design your own dungeons.
This game has bags and bags of atmosphere and is still enjoyable, even with its old style graphics. As you don't need a high spec computer to play this, this is great fun to play on a notebook or laptop as well.

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