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DOS Games > Role Playing > R > Ragnarok - Valhalla for DOS

Ragnarok - Valhalla

Genre: Role-Playing    |     Year: 1993    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Dacog) Added on: 11/26/2006
When is comes to Role Playing Games, Ragnarok is definitely one of the best. The first time you play this game you will be glad you did. Although the graphics may not be the greatest, the game play makes up for it. For starters you are given a choice between six classes. Each of the classes has their own unique skill along with their own strength and weaknesses.
The Sage, whose power is in the script having the ability to write scrolls. The Viking, whose power is being a master of weapons.
The Blacksmith, whose ability is forging weapons and armour. The Alchemist, whose power relies on brewing up mysterious potions. The Woodsman, whose power is in ranged weaponry. Finally the Conjurer, whose power is in illusionary magic. The game begins in a general starting section of the map.
This starting section will always have a shop building as part of it and the minimal level monsters to inhabit it, this feature allows for beginners to get a feel for the game. In relation to monsters, an excellent feature of this game is the range of different monsters. There are different monsters for almost every stage of your character development, as your character starts it is taking on wild dogs and bears where as it gets stronger
No Thumbnail available
and stronger it is fighting dragons and the mighty undead. As the character develops, and this is my favourite feature, you are able to learn the ways of different classes every 10th level increase.
This gives the character the chance to be all-powerful and more enjoyable. The major quest is very creative and challenging. Its most impressive feature is the fact that there are multiple quests within the quest itself. With the quests in mind, as opposed to other games, you actually have to go to a vast amount of different places, from different dungeons, to different lands, with different environments and even different dimensions. For those who need a game comparison to visualize how the game play is, Rangnarok is similar to Nethack in game play.
When I played this game for the first time, I couldn't believe how good and addictive it was. So for those who can put aside the need for spectacular graphics, give Ragnarok a play. I promise you, the gameplay is worth it.
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Moodfam (08/26/2008)
This game was one of my favorites. I used to play it for hours, I am so glad I found it again!
Bianka (03/28/2008)
One of my first PC games. I so loved it!
Russell80 (01/22/2008)
An impressively open game that gives you an amazing amount of control over the type of character you want to create. Huge amount of enemies, items and levels that will keep you entertained for a long time. I just love this game and have been playing it over and over again for more than 10 years.
Russ (01/22/2008)
The first RPG I have ever played. My brother and I spent months and months playing this beauty. In fact we still do load it up for a game or two. The sheer amount of things you can do is a refreshing change from todays linear games. This is anything but. an excellent example of a turn based RPG thats a joy to play.
Ang gandah ng bagong ragnarok (12/18/2007)
Itís so interesting
Genisis (12/14/2007)
This is a smart game!
Julandjohncadiao (01/01/2007)
Really amazing and fascinating
Brian (11/17/2006)
this is a very well laid out game and i enjoyed playing it

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