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System Shock 2 – Was It That Good?

If you are a fan of video games then you must have definitely heard of System Shock 2. With over a hundred different reviews, this game has brought the attention of everybody. This game was a total success for their sellers, it sold over 170,000 copies. This game was an innovative game that borrowed a lot of elements from different genres, and here, we’ll give the best information about it.

They Did an Amazing Job

The designers of this game made an incredible, outstanding job, and it was mostly because of this that this game grew so popular. The game was placed in the near destruction of earth, in 2114. It gives the idea of a broken government being in charge, but after inventing a new bright technology, they decide to explore the wild unknown space.

Your character appears in the middle of nowhere with a crazy alien invasion, your character realized that was fooled by the government by giving him amnesia, and that it was also given supernatural powers.

It’s Classic to the Core

Even though the game is a sequel, it doesn’t take away the originality that they put in it. With a new brand technology added, they gave the game a few science fiction settings.

The game gives you the opportunity of designing your character as you wish, giving him the initial looks and attributes, which later in the game can be upgraded into better ones, giving you the motivation to unlock these looks.

The Interface Suits the Game

The whole interface of the game is perfectly designed in a way that fit the game’s whole concept. With realistic environments and areas that will make you feel like it’s real. It also has a variety of guns and weapons that extremely necessary to survive.

Some people could say that the game can turn really violent, so it’s recommended to keep an eye on kids playing the game, by managing the hours that they play so they won’t have a violent response when the game is finished.

So, it’s the game that good? Absolutely. This game was a total success and we can now understand why.