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DOS Games > Simulations > A > Aces of The Pacific for DOS

Aces of The Pacific

Genre: Simulation    |     Year: 1992    |     Publisher: Sierra On-Line, Inc.    |     Developer: Dynamix, Inc.
Game Review (written by Pzkpfw4h) Added on: 08/11/2006
An ace of the Pacific is about World War II. Flying, combat missions, air patrols, torpedo bombing, dive bombing, the bombing of ships and land bases are all part of the game play. You gain rank and new planes as you go from December 7th, 1941 until the end of the war. You can play as either the Americans or the Japanese.
I can remember playing this game for hours and hours on end. Every time I flew a mission it was always something different.
The graphic design is realistic for the time period for when the game was created. I think anyone with any interest in war games would enjoy this game. You can fly as an army air force pilot, a marine pilot, or a naval aviator. You can also fly with the famous squadrons of the pacific theater like the VMF-214 the black sheep squadron of Pappy Boyington, or even command it.
You can also do take off and landings from aircraft carriers and land bases as you island hop towards the Japanese Empire. If you are shot down by enemy aces or if you ditch the plane because of battle damage, you run the chance of being killed, wounded, and rescued or being put in
Aces of The PacificAces of The PacificAces of The Pacific
a prisoner of war camp. The overall game play is excellent.
The controls used to maneuver your character are very user friendly. The game is very scenic. You can look down from the plane and see a variety of different landscapes from a more grassy area to a more tree covered area, even the sea of the South Pacific. The planes look real with the proper colors and flag symbols, like the F4U-Corsair of Pappy Boyington.
My favorite group to fly in was always "Pappys", I guess because of the TV show. There were a few things about the game that I liked very much. Carrier take offs and landings were a couple of them, since it was like the real thing when I was in the Navy on a "Flattop". The dog fights in the game are life like also. The Japanese Zero can turn faster than the American fighters. They are also more maneuverable. So if you prefer more maneuverability and faster speed I suggest you choose to be a Japanese Fighter!
The further you get into the game the better the planes are and the dog fights become more fun. Sometimes the bombing or the torpedo missions you receive are hard to do, but with a little practice you will easily get the hang of doing them.
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CPG (08/12/2006)
This is the original demo of Aces of The Pacific from 1992.
Abysmal2 (03/10/2009)
This is a very good game. It is in my top 25 pc games, so it is a great fun action packed game. Totally recommend!
Udet (03/01/2009)
This was my first major combat flight simulator, and it's a classic in every sense of the word. If you've never had the pleasure, take it for a spin.
Mrvism (02/15/2009)
I still have more fun playing old games with playability than new games with graphics. This is in the top ten best games ever made.
Pilotguy275 (12/31/2008)
This game is a classic. Started playing it when I was 8. It actually inspired me to become a pilot. Now I'm a captain at a domestic airline. This game rocks.
Mk1974 (10/08/2008)
I used to play this game for days! I never thought I could find it again because the game came along in five-n-quarter inch diskettes. Good to have it back again!
Hudson the ace! (07/19/2008)
I still have this game somewhere in the depths of my storage boxes. I don't want to go and dig it all up and stuff. I'll just Download it. This was one of the very 1st PC games I ever got and I LOVED it. I was a big WWII nut, and still am and this still remains my most favorite WWII game EVER. I spent hours and even whole days playing this. I played it so much I wore out and broke at least 6 PC joysticks. Drove my mom nuts having to by more. I love the feature where you can turn off damage, limited fuel, and unlimited ammo. I could go all over the map and blow the heck out of anything I wanted. It's going to be so much fun doing that again.
1969mach1 (03/01/2008)
This is a wonderful game.
Proze (10/03/2007)
Aces of the Pacific was quite a realistic game. There was mission mode and also a duel mode where you could take on an ace of either side. My record stands at 1-5 where I only managed to down the ace ONCE. The radio messages were also quite fun. As squadron leader, when you call out for a bandit sighting (when there's none in sight), after a while, the wing man says something funny.
Goran (10/01/2007)
Aces of The Pacific is very good game!
Marcianosassen (09/20/2006)
I love this game. old but fun.
Parag (09/15/2006)
It's cool! There are old little simulators! Thank you! HorvŠth JŠnos - Hungary

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