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DOS Games > Simulations > B > Balance of Power 1985 edition for DOS

Balance of Power 1985 edition

Genre: Simulation    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Chrissi) Added on: 11/29/2007
Balance of Power 1985 edition was one of the first politic simulations that are solely based of the diplomatic and political aggressions. In this game you are required to use diplomacy, make treaties, covert CIA or KBG actions, or even direct the military to assist third world countries attempting to win their governmental philosophy to either Capitalism or Communism.
The game you will have the control over either The United States or the USSR where you will be taking part in the nuclear war, and trying to make sure the opposing side doesn’t gain power.
You must be very cautious with all your actions and attempt to slowly over power the opposing side.
The controls and graphics of this game have been done very good. The levels of difficulty are also quite different. Depending on which difficult level you select will depend on the occurrences throughout the game. There are so many different things you will have to deal with throughout the entire game that you will always have something to think about and try completing without risking your level of success. You must try to make the Advisors happy, but this can be very difficult since they have different opinions and if you make the wrong decision there will be consequences for your actions.
No Thumbnail available
main task in the entire game is to try avoiding the beginning of a nuclear war. The game isn’t really a war game since you are trying to prevent a war as much as possible. There is so much strategizing required during this entire game that knowing every decision you make will have some effect throughout the rest of the game. Once you’ve played this game a few times you will find it to be a bit easier, but no matter what this game will always seem to be difficult.
Each turn that you have is considered an entire year. At the start of every turn you will become aware of all the incidents that will occur and what is going on around the entire world. You must make a decision for each place that needs assistance on the entire map, since you are trying to assist the entire globe and get them to favor you over your opponent. You will not only be dealing with your own actions, but you will also have to deal with your opponent giving the game an extra challenge with everything you do.
Balance of Power 1985 Edition is by far a phenomenally challenging political simulation. If you want to try a game that will be challenging and full of things to do this game a great game for you to try. You’ll soon find yourself playing this game over and over again just to see what can happen next. A game like this is surely a great game that should be enjoyed by all gamers out there.
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Emptyone (03/10/2010)
Awesome Game! The graphics were nothing special, but the concept and gameplay were revolutionary.
Scorpio70a (11/29/2009)
This game has brought back a lot of good memories. Its Superpower vs Superpower in a Cold War challenge. I don't know how many times I brought the world to the brink of destruction. The Russians are very hard to play because they don't have the money the US does. The Russian army was so big then.

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