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DOS Games > Simulations > C > Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator for DOS

Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator

Genre: Simulation    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Rowanalcock) Added on: 05/12/2007
Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator is a challenging game which can and will provide hours of entertainment to those who are interested in current affairs, and also to those who are not. It is a very easy game to play, however a very difficult one to win. Players need to be able to balance the responsibilities of securing Israel’s security from the surrounding Arab countries, keeping up in the nuclear arms race and keeping the Palestinians under control. Along with all this, it is important to keep good relations with the West or else they may stop supplying you with the weapons that you will definitely need.

Each game of Conflict is different to the last and there is a strong element of chance when you start the game. You may be on very bad relations with regional powers such as Egypt and Syria, or you may be on good terms with them, allowing you to build a stockpile of weapons and a large army before relations deteriorate, which they inevitably will.
The Middle East remains a barrel of gunpowder waiting to be lit as shown by the events in Lebanon in 2006. This game captures this spirit; you may be best friends with your neighbor one day and may be at war the next. Conflict will surely provide you with hours of entertainment.
There is only one drawback
No Thumbnail available
to the game in my opinion and that is that you can only play as Israel, and not as its neighbors. It would be nice to have the experience of looking at the situation from the other side; however this problem is minor due to the endless situations that you can find yourself in with Israel.
This educational and entertaining piece of software will help your diplomacy and also your tactics; it is a game which some of the current world leaders could use.
For the more politically inclined among us, Conflict provides an interesting insight into the minds of leaders and the current situation facing the world. It is likely that the Middle East will see a nuclear arms race during the next decade, and inevitable that it will face more wars in the coming years. This game not only gives us a good understanding of the current situation in the Middle East, it provides us with knowledge that will be priceless in the coming years as weapons gets more deadly and cheaper. It provides us with a chilling vision of the world’s most volatile region as fundamentalism sweeps the area.
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Dave (12/31/2007)
If you want have a lot of good memories you need playing this game immediately! The graphics are great and colorful! You need downloading and enjoy!
Robmckenna11 (11/13/2007)
One of my favorite games as a kid.
Breaker711 (06/23/2007)
It's amazing how much this simple game teaches you about both the Middle East and politics in general. It just shows that things don't always work out the way you think they will.
Ben griffiths (05/03/2007)
This game is AWESOME! I played it for thirty minutes and I'm hooked. I really hope there’s a new version out soon as I have nearly completed all the levels.
Hannibalbarca (04/30/2007)
Good game, a bit complicated though. Good for a tactical gamer.
Mark (04/27/2007)
If you have wanted the chance to be a political leader, this is your chance. It is fun, unique, orginal, and addictive. You can be far left or far right and still enjoy this game!

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