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DOS Games > Simulations > F > F-16 Fighting Falcon - iF-16 Fighting Falcon for DOS

F-16 Fighting Falcon - iF-16 Fighting Falcon

Genre: Simulation    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review 1 (written by Tlb_rose) Added on: 04/13/2007
This is one of the better flight simulators I have ever played. This is pretty great. Sometimes the opposing jets make some very cool maneuvers. But besides that the flight and weapon control is fantastic, especially with a good joystick system. You never know what games will offer which features, so get the most extra features you can in a joystick or joystick system! Some people like to play with gamepads, but trust me, this is a huge waste of the games potential with this game, just like it is with most flight simulators.
Don't be fooled by other inferior flight simulators. Try it out! I mean I have actually flown one of these planes, and while there is no substitute for the open sky, I am a fiend for flight simulators. If I can't really be in the sky then I'll spend the rest of my time pretending to be.
The dog-fighting scenarios are a blast and you can't deny that the weaponry of this game is fun, diverse, and educational, at least from a military point of view. Also, the sky escapes aren't bad at all, again coming from someone who has seen a few. The clouds are very cool and the sun can be beautiful and blinding, just like in the real life.
No Thumbnail available
in all it’s great and addictive game! I recommend downloading it! It’s too fun! I’m sure you’ll de delighted!
Game Review 2 (written by Keenan92287) Added on: 04/12/2007
Wow. I remember this game from when I was really young. I got it as a birthday gift and never put it down. This game has rally cool gameplay.
Many features in this game teach you about the planes you fly. You can choose from many different levels and settings, to have dog fights or just fly around and test your skills. The graphics can be a little better, but, hey, it was made a long time ago, give it a break. I always wanted to be a pilot when I was young and this game only made me want to do it more. If you have access to a joystick, I recommend that you use that instead of the keyboard controls. If you use the keyboard controls, make sure to write them down, so you can easily see them. Otherwise you will have a hard time remembering them and probably screw up on a mission, because you meant to switch to missiles but hit the ejector seat instead.
If you have ever seen Top Gun you will love this game. It has so many great things about it and that’s why this blast from the past will always be up there as one of my favorite games.
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Luigio (10/16/2007)
This is great and exciting game!
Norman (07/02/2007)
If my memory serves me right, i first came across this game in the early 90s and played well in a 386 platform. There must have been 30 plus keys or combination of keys to fly the F-16 which was equipped with the payload then available to the arsenal of the US Air Force. With 4 hardpoints anything could be attached including Sidewinder (AIM-19) air-to-air missiles, Fire and Forget AMRAAMs, Paveways, Heat Seeking Tank Busters, among others.
Fudgeonion (06/30/2007)
Brilliant game, absolutly brilliant It makes you realy think you are in that plane, Amazing! I would really recommend it to anyone looking for a good action packed game.
Asdf (04/22/2007)
Fun game. Really feels like top gun.
Srprofessor (04/12/2007)
A very good simulator. I bought this game in the early 90's and it was great then and is still great now.
Jaylesa (01/31/2007)
grate game, love it
Special Instructions (Source: Support Team | Added on: 02/23/2006)
Start Problems with Windows 2000 / XP:
Right-click F1695.EXE and edit it's Preferences. Set Compatibilty to Compatibility-Mode using "Windows 95". Start the game.

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