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DOS Games > Simulations > H > Hind for DOS


Genre: Simulation    |     Year: 1996    |     Publisher: Interactive Magic    |     Developer: Digital Integration Ltd.
Game Review (written by Shadows_fall) Added on: 05/09/2007
Hind is a very good helicopter simulator for anyone who doesn’t mind it’s dated graphics.
One of the great things about hind, is it caters to all types of pilots, if you’re a arcade style
Player who just wants to play without learning to fly a helicopter, you can adjust the settings
To arcade. If you’re a beginner, hind is a great sim to start with, I personally learned to fly
A helicopter with hind, and people who can fly will be happy to know, hind has a very good
Flight model.

It has three very good campaigns of different difficulty, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan,
And Korea.
Afghanistan has poor air defenses, they only have rpg-7’s, so you can fly high and
Enjoy the view, Kazakhstan is in the middle, they have pretty good air defense, but as long as
You stay low, you shouldn’t have too hard of a time. And finally Korea, the Koreans have
Exellant air defenses, and a lot of helicopters and aircraft, that are quite skilled at shooting
You down.

Hind also offers good training, you can choose form 20 training missions, from the
Introduction missions like the hind conversion, and basic navigation, to weapons training, to
Formation and low visibility flying. Hind offers a good verity of weapons, like at-6 atgm‘s, aa-8 aam’s,
57mm and 80mm rocket pods, cannon pods, mine dispensers, 250lb bombs, 500lb bombs, and of course
Fuel air bombs.

The good points of hind are:
It runs very
It offers single missions
And is very fun to play

The bad points:
The Kazakhstan, and Korea campaigns can be very difficult

All in all a very good helicopter simulator. Anyone who likes flight sims should try this.

**** Installation ****
Create a folder and name it hind, then unzip the files into the folder, then place it wherever you want on your computer. Then if you want an icon on your desktop, right click the hind.exe and select send to ->

Hind will run on windows xp, but needs to be put into compatibility mode for windows 95,
To do this right click the shortcut icon or the hind.exe and select properties, then click the
Compatibility tab then select windows 95 from the dropdown box if it’s not already selected,
Then click the box next to it to place a check mark in it, then click apply.

**** Important ****
You need to open the hind folder and create a new folder called log.
The first time I played hind I completed all of my training and had started a campaign,
And I got a very nasty surprise the next time I played it, my user was gone, and none of
The training had been completed… This is because hind stores all user data in the log folder,
But there isn’t a log folder in the zip.

And here are the hard to find controls:

Up Arrow - cyclic forward
Down Arrow - cyclic backward
Left Arrow - cyclic left
Right Arrow - cyclic right
Q or + = collective up
A or - = collective down
1 - 9 = collective presets
Z or Insert = tail rotor left
X or Delete = tail rotor right

I = hud contrast adjust
L = instrument lights
N = select next waypoint
Shift N = select previous waypoint
V = night vision on/off
U = undercarriage down/up
D = cargo doors open/close
B = brakes
R = transmit reconnaissance data

Enter = arm and select weapon
Ctrl Enter = unarm weapon
Spacebar = fire weapon
C = auto chaff on/off
F = auto flare on/off

F2 or Home = pilot view
F3 or Pg Up = wso view
Alt Left Arrow = look left
Alt Right Arrow = look right
End = re-center view
O = flir optics view
G = turret optics

F6 = external view
F7 = weapon view
F8 = weapon target view
F9 = target lock view
F10 = remote view
F11 = spectator view
F12 = watch next drone
Shift F12 - watch previous drone
Alt Arrow Keys - Rotate View
> = zoom in
< = zoom out

Backspace = rescan targets
S = silicon wso on/off
T = track target

(Ctrl for wingman, shift for formation)
1 = go home
2 = follow me
3 = attack my target
4 = resume flight plan

Alt F1 = lowest detail
Alt F2 = medium detail
Alt F3 = full detail

Ctrl Q = end mission
P = pause/resume
Tab = select time compression
Ctrl Tab = cancel time compression
Ctrl J = joystick on/off
Alt J = recalibrate joystick
Shift F1 = on-screen manual
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Mandango (02/21/2008)
This game is so addictive!
Beebymensies (09/22/2007)
This game is the best flight simulator I’ve ever seen on this site. Best of all: It runs like a charm! Although sometimes errors occur when the graphic quality goes to 256 colours.

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