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DOS Games > Simulations > P > Project: Space Station for DOS

Project: Space Station

Genre: Simulation    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Jganzon29) Added on: 11/03/2006
I was 10 years old when my brother and I started playing this game. We were impressed and we were in awe because it had something to do with space. Who does not want to fly on the space shuttle? This was as close as it gets. In the game you can fly the space shuttle and it had to follow a path as it approaches space. Compare that to other get across the street or simply shoot the bad guy games.
You also get to ship your payload to space, and you had to build your space station. The game cannot just hand the success to you on a silver platter. You also have to worry about your budget, your crew, and perform research and development projects. You also have to worry about scheduling, fuel, space debris, and life support.
There are probably a couple of bugs in the game. The budgeting had a bug where with the flick of the joystick it boosted your budget to some ridiculous amount. Which I cannot complain to. It immensely helped with our mission of buying tons and tons of equipment.
I have to be honest. My brother and I have not successfully made
No Thumbnail available
any money with the R & D projects. We could not figure out why.
We also lost our crew due to solar flares and it was shocking the first time around where you see in your roster that a crewmember is dead. Some of the deaths were explainable. When we piloted the EVA to move space debris, we wanted to save on the fuel so we risked moving too many debris close to earth however we could not make it back to the space shuttle or to the hangar. Hence, our pilot died. There was a time when we flew another space shuttle and we rescued our stranded EVA pilot. We thought it could not be done, but it was a successful rescue.
We loved the mental challenge aspect of the game. The realism behind the concepts is awesome. Iím now an engineer for the navy because this game helped me to wonder about space curiously. I hope they can revive this game again for pc. I think NASA should take lead in re-releasing this game (obviously in today's standards) to the public especially for the younger kids because I think what happened to me can happen to them. I think it is possible. NASA can also make a profit out if this.

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