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DOS Games > Simulations > R > Red Baron for DOS

Red Baron

Genre: Simulation    |     Year: 1990    |     Publisher: Sierra On-Line, Inc.    |     Developer: Dynamix, Inc.
Game Review (written by The_resonant) Added on: 10/19/2006
Red Baron was definitely a favorite of mine for a long time, its flight engine is very impressive for its time. I spent many months on this game.
In this game you can play on either the allied or axis, meaning German vs. British and United States.
You can either play single missions while changing the parameters, but you can also play a career mode letting you follow the war from start to finish. The selection of aircraft as well as historic realism is quite sound, maybe not to the tee but for the gameplay being as fun as it is you really don't need to nit pick.
There are of course a slew of medals you can achieve while you play, and some require certain specific events to occur.
If you fall in love with this game there is the good possibility you will have to play through it a great many times in which to master everything and achieve highest ranking. The varying missions you will fly are as such, balloon busting - where you will have to shoot down either enemy spy balloons or dirigibles from the sky while taking out there air support and avoiding the flack cannons. Dogfights - where you have to do the obvious, destroy enemy planes. Bombing raids - where you can be sent after any number of ground targets ranging from buildings
Red BaronRed BaronRed Baron
to trains to vehicle caravans. Base defense - in this mission you will be forced to take off from your own base while the attackers are already either strafing or starting their strafing run of your base, these missions are career dependent missions. You will have the option to start in the action or for realism take off from your base and fly to the action, the later is difficult until you get more acquainted with the landscape, it is also possible to stay out after the mission is over and find other targets to destroy assuming you can find you way back to your own base. Don't make the mistake of landing at your enemy's base, although it is funny once.
In career mode you will be transferred to many different famous historic flight groups across the front. And of course your ultimate goal to take down your rival the, ace red baron. Or if you’re playing the German side, have him fly as your wingman, it's not as fun when you’re not the wing leader, although don't worry no matter how bad you done in the game you won't stay a wingman for long. Another game you may look for because of their uncanny resemblance to one another is A-10 tank killer made by the same company, it has all the same screens with different colors and graphics, flight model is similar and the missions are presented in quite the same way. Enjoy this one.
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Rollskunk (01/10/2011)
Year 1990 a fantastic graphic for this game very nice cause you can find many and many different planes to take for a fantastic fly fight. The endurance game its optimally with a full carrer that you can do with different personages of two different country on fly fight Germany and England . The maneuverability of plane is simple and also little bit like a simulator take care when move your plane cause STALL.
Gpz1135 (12/03/2007)
The graphics are primitive now (though the cockpits are quite nice) but this has to be one of the all-time classic games. Good career path as either British, German or French fighter pilot in WW1, plus the ability to fly single missions and even create your own. Difficulty level is adjustable, but it's an easy game to "fly". Nice choice of aircraft from the ponderous to the (fr)agile, plus some historical aces are included.

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