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DOS Games > Simulations > S > SEAL Team for DOS


Genre: Simulation    |     Year: 1993    |     Publisher: Electronic Arts    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review 1 (written by Mattyh09) Added on: 09/22/2010
As a fan of military simulation and strategy games, I have had the opportunity to play almost every game of this genre since about 1988. And of all the DOS games I played in the early years SEAL Team has to be one of the best, if not "THE" best.
The game starts off with the ability to choose from many different options at the start menu, such as real or unlimited ammunition, enhanced enemy skill, and even the damage potential of your own shots.
After you have chosen the option that best suit your tastes, you can start a new campaign or try the training mission.
Training missions are actually the real missions that you play throughout the campaign, but here you have the option to play any of them at any time. This is mostly for people just wanting to check out the game or do a little practice.
When you start a campaign you have the option to select the year in which you start out, as well as pick which soldier you desire to act as Point Man (your character). You have four choices to pick from, each having certain strengths and weaknesses. You will also choose your nickname, and then you're off to the bush.
For the following
No Thumbnail available
opinions, I will base and compare them with other games from this period. For starters, the graphics are pretty decent. Structures and objects are not the best looking but are good enough to clearly identify them. Textures are basic, but give the terrain and objects enough appeal to enhance some of the realistic feel.
Sounds are pretty good in my opinion, especially the environmental sounds that really seem to draw you into the jungle setting. There are some voice-overs played by your support units during certain actions, which also give the game a better appeal than a simple on-screen text message. The music is OK, but personally I don't listen to music on games like this (seems unrealistic to me, and interrupts my listening to other important sounds). Music can be turned off for those that desire to.
The controls are quite simple and easy to use as well. Learning the key and mouse controls were very fast, and the entire control interface is a snap to use even in critical moments. The option of using either keyboard, mouse, or joystick is also welcome because most people have their own preference.
Documentation was great, with a manual that is to-the-point and easy to read. One of my favorite features of the manual are the added photos of actual SEALs during Vietnam, as well as photos of all weapons and vehicles. The manual covered all aspects of the game in a manner that anyone can understand and follow through with.
The variety of missions is great, with all kinds of objectives. For each mission you have the choice of selecting your team members (excluding the point man), as well as the equipment each man will take with him. All soldiers have specific skill ratings and these will improve while doing missions. And who doesn't like being able to select your teams load out to tailor the specific mission at hand based on your own tactics?
One of the other great features is the awarding of medals and promotions after missions based on your performance, as well as other little "bonus" features such as the Bull Sessions and the informative briefings. You can really start to get a feel for the game and immerse yourself in it, and look at your fellow soldiers as people and not just AI.
There are multiple save spots where you can save your campaign status after each mission, helpful if you lost too many soldiers or weren't happy with a mission. This will prove to be a much-needed option.
Game Review 2 (written by Druebey) Added on: 01/02/2008
This game is interesting and entertaining! The game plot is sort of lagging but the overall concept is good. You play as a leader of a seal team and lead the team through missions. You can be killed by friends and hostiles. That is the hardest part about the game. To order air strikes and cover without killing yourself is an art.
Every mission has varies objectives and you have to meet everyone before moving on. If you die the Purple Heart is giving and you have to redo the mission. There are varies medals and awards that you can receive. There is even one that is marksman.
It changes with each decision you make. The plot can be changed according to your leadership. The game is very addictive and interesting! You need downloading it and enjoy!
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Kim gren (02/20/2010)
This game does bring back memories. I had so much fun playing it and so did my friends. We love the graphic and the sound affects was amazing. There is alot of action ,if you are into that? You definatley will get it with this game.There are other special things that you have to try with this game. I really do miss these old games. I like the way the game gives you the real feel of war with the fire and cover. It had a great selection of weaponary and fire power.The grnade launcher and boomer I think was the bomb. If you start this game you will definately have a hard time putting it down. I was so good. You really have to try it. When I started to play for the first time, I had a friend with me and I think he really got hooked and so will you. You have to start with organizing you team for the mission and then lead them through it. Every step of the way is countering every move and organizing the plan. I like how you get to select your team and weapons. I give it 2 thumbs up!
Kim gren (02/19/2010)
This game was awsome. It had great graphics and design and was full of action. The sound affects and demographics was a real treat. This game was full of adventure and really kept you on your toes the whole time you were playing. You will definately have a problem if you start the game to even put it down again. So I will say again that everyone needs to try this one out. It\'s loads of fun!
Kim gren (02/19/2010)
This game was awesome. It had great graphics and design and was full of action. The sound affects and demographics was a real treat. This game was full of adventure and really kept you on your toes the whole time you were playing. You will definitely have a problem if you start the game to even put it down again. So I will say again that everyone needs to try this one out. It's loads of fun!

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