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DOS Games > Simulations > S > Sim Ant for DOS

Sim Ant

Genre: Simulation    |     Year: 1991    |     Publisher: Maxis Software Inc.    |     Developer: Maxis Software, Inc.
Game Review (written by Ryanct) Added on: 09/27/2006
Sim Ant is a fun filled game where people get a chance to take command of armies of ants. It isn't too challenging game. The whole point of the game is to try and spread your colony, you are the black ants, through out the yard faster than your computer opponent, which is red. You can either do this by battling or by building new colonies in uninhabited locations. The more ants you have the more food you will have to get.
You have to manage your ants by classes such as: workers, warriors, or gatherers.
But beware when you are moving into new places, there are dangers other than that of the red ants. You must watch out for spiders that scurry around the map eating up your ants. Be careful around them unless you have enough warrior ants to deal with them. Also look out for ant lion dens. If an ant falls in there then it is pretty well dead. When you get inside the house you have to watch out for not only spiders but electrical outlets and poison. If you can manage to get more than half of the house then you will be able to run the people of the house out which means if you own enough
Sim AntSim Ant
of the yard you win the game.
I like to make sure there are no red ants left on the map before the house gets over ran by your ants. The more ants you can get the better your score will be at the end of the game.
The game also lets you just run through a couple of one on one with the red ant. Here you can choose to build barriers of rock in between the red and the black colonies. Or you could create more black ants or red ants, which ever that you want.
The fastest way to win the game is to start by destroying the red ant colonies by yours so you can expand quicker. To eliminate a red base you must destroy the queen. This will cause you to have control of the square and if you have been making breeders then you will be able to make more queens and expand into new territories.
Even though the graphics and the features are not all that great the quality of the game is still good. This game would most likely be played by early teenagers of older children do to the amount of thinking involved in playing the game.
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Donny kusuma (06/25/2009)
Wow, it is great and funny. Classic but very interesting. Try it, you will like it. Great game.
Sunseasand (06/23/2009)
This takes me back to my childhood, a real good game. Can't wait to play it agin after all this time.
Gus32787 (04/21/2009)
Awesome game. I spent probably the majority of my time after school in second grade playing this classic. Over a decade later I find it just like I remember it. Can't wait to play again for old times sake.
Marmadukebho (03/08/2009)
Started playing this game in the library at school and have been hooked on the sim series ever since.
Canadasweetchick (02/01/2009)
This game is fantastic! I spent a lot of time playing this on Super Nintendo when I was a teenager!
Gregory567 (12/30/2008)
Very fun game. I use to play this game and Sim Farm when I was little.
Satanson333 (12/18/2008)
It was great when it first came out,and after many years it is still 1 of the best. I told my kids about the game, and they said it's too old to play. I made them try it now they love it.
Riley (11/01/2008)
OMG. Haven't played this game in years. I was just watching ants deconstruct a bee, and I was like - WOW! SIM ANT. Love the game, never grows old, and love everyone else who feels the same :)
Gypsykatz (10/25/2008)
This is a classic Sim game. I'd forgotten how much fun it is. The simple graphics and basic navigations take me back to my childhood. This was my first Sim game and my intro to this genre.
Dafyd (10/19/2008)
Sim Ant is simply a great little game. The mechanics are simple, but still challenging enough to keep it interesting.
Fishmabob (10/04/2008)
Sim Ant is what got me through typing class, it is an epic little game. Digging through the ground until you found the red ant's nest was a great way to win a battle.
Cutenas06 (09/26/2008)
I'm so glad I found this game! It's great! I remeber palying it on super nintendo as a child. Actually I used to RENT it from BLOCKBUSTER. Weird.
Omgman (09/20/2008)
OMG, I have been searching for this game forever. I played it when I was younger, and loved it.
Junebug2950 (09/18/2008)
I used to spend hours upon hours of playing this game. I was so happy to find it again; this game never gets old.
Jimmy192837465 (09/13/2008)
The aim of this game is to make a huge colony and take over the humans' back yard; this is an excellent game. I recommend it to every one.
Chasingkaci (06/21/2008)
This was one of my favorite games. It's kinda addicting, and I found myself obsessing over lawnmovers and raindrops and digging new holes.
Hellboy8354 (06/13/2008)
My school used to have this game on their computers. I loved playing it. I never could get very far though. The classes were too short. lol
Jebediahpython (06/08/2008)
I love this awesome game! I haven't played this in years, its one of the best of the early sims.
Colsadners (06/02/2008)
This is easily the best game I have ever played. Sadly, I have never beaten it. Luckily I get another go now. Finally
Razmonstarr (05/24/2008)
I loved the game for the Super Nintendo and had to see if they made a PC version. I get addicted to games quickly and this one was no different.
Josh ford (05/22/2008)
This was my favourite game as a boy. I remember playing this game everyday, whenever I could. I'd say that this game is still one of my favourites!
Dannyboy12114 (05/20/2008)
Awesome! I had this game as a kid and never thought I'd get to play it agian, I love it.
I___am___tripp (05/19/2008)
Good game and enjoyable for sure. I played this when iIwas younger. Good to know my taste then wasn't too bad because it is still around and still awesome to play.
Mitch trantow (04/21/2008)
Good stuff. I had this game as a little boy. I miss and would really enjoy playing it again. Itís been years
Lilshade (04/13/2008)
Fun game.
Princessdindella (04/02/2008)
I played this game when I was little. It'll never get old, I love it.
Megan (04/01/2008)
I played this game when I was little, but I couldn't quite figure out how to play it. Now, I relize how little credit I gave it.
Pheonix30 (03/28/2008)
This game never grows old. It is simply a great game that is easy to play with an interesting look at the world of ants.
Adiodec (03/19/2008)
I've played this game for years.
Gurtrude (03/11/2008)
Sim Ant is the best thing ever. I recommend it to everybody. I bet you'll like it.

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