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DOS Games > Simulations > S > Sim City for DOS

Sim City

Genre: Simulation    |     Year: 1989    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review 1 (written by Asulania) Added on: 08/27/2006
Sim City is the original simulation game. It was my first introduction to simulator games, and let me tell you the addiction has been out of control since. The basic premise for this game is running your own city from the ground up. It includes everything from electricity, housing, water, and even road upkeep. There are several scenario stories to play, giving you a set goal to win, or you can just start your own city from scratch. In addition you have to plan ahead, since there are many natural disasters that can plague your city, such as hurricanes, floods, fires, or riots.

One of the neat features about this game is the new map editor. You can use this handy little tool to create your very own city. Customize every feature from the amount of trees, amount of water or mountains, change the topography or let the computer randomize the map for you. The graphic sets change based upon your city starting year. For example, let's say you start at 1900; you wouldn't have access to the nuclear power plant or the water treatment plant, since they hadn't been invented yet. As the game progresses, you get rewards from your citizens for outstanding city work.
Things like the Mayor's house, City Hall, and even the coveted Arcos. This game is a brain stimulator, since
Sim CitySim CitySim City
you have to optimize every aspect of the game to ensure your city thrives, not dies. You should consult each of your advisors, who are there to help you learn what your people want. Their advice also serves to help you learn the perfect techniques to master the budgeting and city planning aspects. Although learning the basics is easy, mastering this game is not.
I started playing at 12 years old and now, sixteen years later, I'm still learning new ways to perfect my cities. Although the graphics are a little dated, and the music leaves something to be desired, the game-play has enough replay value to keep you coming back for more, even 16 years later! I recommend this game for any age from 10+.
Summary: Although the game may have a steep learning curve when you first start, once the basics are learned, it's easy to play, hard to master. A fun, logical brain racking game, made to stimulate minds, young and old alike. If you like a good challenge, SimCity is for you.
Game Review 2 (written by Kleas) Added on: 08/22/2006
This is the first game of the highly popular Sim City series of games. This version is nice because it is a simple way to learn the basics of the game. The sequels add a lot of micromanaging options and fancier graphics, but this version has all of the entertaining features with a much gentler learning curve.
Basically, you are taken on the role of Mayor as you oversee the development of a barren plot of land as you build it into a thriving city. You have to zone out land for use as residences, commercial office spaces and shopping districts, and industrial zones for factories. The challenge lies in enticing sim citizens to come to your city to live. Just having a plot of land marked out for a home isn't enough. You have to make sure that there is sufficient police and fire protection, access to schools, and easy access to transportation routes and from places where they can work. Also, you need to make sure that you aren't trying to charge those residents and businesses too much in tax or exposing them to heavy pollution or they will look for greener pastures to live and abandon your city.
The challenge of developing thriving and interesting city layouts keeps this game entertaining for hours on end. Will you make a utopian city or a slum ravaged by disasters? Only you can decide.
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Poch_1313 (06/12/2009)
I started playing this game in the library at school and I have been hooked on the Sim Series ever since. Great game. I love it.
Marmadukebho (03/08/2009)
I started playing this game in the library at school and I have been hooked on the Sim Series ever since. Great game. I love it.
Nate0420 (01/14/2009)
This is an awesome game, I used to spend hours playing this at school. During keyboarding and on computers. It was the first game I ever played on a computer.
Craigswaddell (12/28/2008)
Classic Simple Game, no great effort to play, meaning you can fit a wee play in at any small chance. Retro classic.
Rizz081 (12/23/2008)
Great game. I remember we used to play it in school back when "computer classes" just started.
Rainbowbrains (08/19/2008)
I remember playing this on the amiga. Such fond memories. I loved to build it up and watch it crumble. Godzilla was my favorite disaster.
5nake (05/15/2008)
This game is what started it all for me. I spent hours upon hours building up my perfect utopia!
Gyffen1971 (03/25/2008)
This was my first game at trying to build a city from scratch and it took me some time to do. Never was able to get 1 million residents. Graphics, sound and display were good for its time.
Orthontut_2501 (12/20/2007)
My favorite game, even still today!
Blackwit (11/06/2007)
It is was undoubtedly the best game I had on 286. That's true that you can spend hours with it. I remember that we once printed the whole map for my cousin so he could plan the city at his place :) Interesting things about the game is that there are also disasters like monsters and tornados which can randomly destroy some buildings and that there are special scenarios where you get a developded city at the beginning and than something happens (a disaster, negative income etc.) and you have to deal with it.

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