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DOS Games > Simulations > S > SimSafari for DOS


Genre: Simulation    |     Year: 1998    |     Publisher: Electronic Arts    |     Developer: Maxis Software, Inc.
Game Review (written by Figmig413) Added on: 09/28/2006
SimSafari is such an incredible game. I enjoy playing it very much. In the game you are to manage a Safari Park. In game play you can view 3 maps.
The first is of a local village where you can hire natives to work in the park. You must also talk to the native chief and keep him and his people happy. There is little else to do on this world map.
The second area is the guest area. This is where you set up the resort part of your park.
You can build hotels, cabins, and tents. There are various other buildings available such as bathrooms, pools, Jacuzzis, theaters, and other tourist things. Additionally you can build watch towers and buy jeeps and or tour buses. The guests enjoy both of these items. I will get back to the tour vehicles. On top of man made items you can plant trees and shrubs (but you get instant gratification as they are planted fully grown). Just like when on the Village view you must talk to the Resort director to make sure you are pleasing the guests and they are enjoying there stay.
The third and final world view is that of the actual animal reserve. On this
view you can see what is going on in this part of your park. In this area you are allowed to lay down roads for the tour cars to drive on. Make sure they pass good areas. You can create water features, along with plant trees, and shrubs. Then there is the most important thing, animals. This is the screen where you can purchase animals for your reserve. There are all the African favorites: zebras, lions, giraffes, crocodiles, hyenas, rhinos, and gazelles. Then there are many other animals which include birds, snakes, lizards, big mammals, and rodents. On this screen there is also an employee you must deal with. Here it is the conservationist. He tells you how the animals are faring, what there status is, how to improve the habitat for the animals, and what your visitors would like to see. The conservationist also tells you what an animal eats, what eats it, and other fun facts about each animal.
This is the mainly all you need to know about playing the game. On top of free play there a few scenarios you can play. Each has a different challenge and is just as fun as free play. These scenarios are an exciting challenge for any player.
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Rebbie15 (05/16/2009)
This game is a good time killer. It's quite addictive. I like how it shows the importance of keeping the population of endangered species up in numbers, and focuses on the big 5.
Tulokatt (03/25/2009)
Fun game, for me and my kids! They play it on daytime and my time comes when they are sleeping!
Shaktoo (03/23/2009)
Awesome game! Some "hardcore" gamers might not like it, but it's cool nonetheless. I recommend it to those who like animals and sim city.
Kgpelcz (01/16/2009)
Wow, i loved this game, i would surround the animals with water and keep them as "pets" and I always had an impala named "al-a".
Kumamaru (12/30/2008)
I love this game! You end up playing much longer than you intend to, it's so addicting. And you learn alot about the animals.
Louise123 (12/14/2008)
Great game I used to have it and am looking to get it again! I can't really remember it that well but I do remember it being very addictive.
Kittibear (11/14/2008)
I loved this game. Played it often as a child. It's timeless and fun. A wonderful time consumer when you have nothing else you want to do.
Gypsykatz (10/25/2008)
I used to play this. It's simple but fun. Its an easy way to pass time. My parks always closed though.
Lozz (10/24/2008)
It is a great game we have it at school. I have always wanted it for at home but it costs money. I love taking care of the animals ( puting down plants for food) .
Jcl7 (10/12/2008)
It is a very interesting game and I could play for hours on end. My friends and I love to play this game, it's fun creating your own resorts.
Daruma099 (09/02/2008)
This is a good game for kids. It's very interesting and fun. There is so much to do and it's amazing how time runs away when you play the game. I would recommend this to anyone of any age. Give me a sim and I'm happy.
Proactic (07/30/2008)
I absolutely loved this game. There is so much to do and it's amazing how time runs away when you play the game. I would recommend this to anyone of any age. Give me a sim and I'm happy.
Onellkent (06/12/2008)
Awsome game, really fun fore the kids. This was the game that made my wife pick up gaming.
Kkbz (05/28/2008)
This game was very fun and kept me busy for a long time. I actually learned something about animals while playing this game. Its a definite good pick!
Nightwingliz (05/20/2008)
This is one of the best simulation games out there. It was one of my favorites when I was younger. I always liked it better than Sim Park because of all the African animals.
Zerizawa (04/09/2008)
Sim Safari is very wonderful and amazing. I like this game very much.
Princessdindella (04/02/2008)
This game is probably the most addicting Sim Game that I've ever played! It is a lot of fun to create your village and park, and is very addicting.
Carlotheman (03/23/2008)
This game is sooo adictive.
Ala32 (03/21/2008)
It is really good.
Flowers4nancy (02/16/2008)
A great game. My 2 boys 9 and 7 really enjoy it. So many different ways to play. My kids love all the animals and they learn about them when they play.
Cnc280 (02/06/2008)
Old but very entertaining. Other games in the same bracket: sim farm and sim tower. Really enjoyed playing them all.
Rotar70 (10/15/2007)
This game is fantastic!
Badboysmama (10/13/2007)
I thought this game was great. My brother saw me playing and we normally don't like the same games, but he wants to play this one all the time, lucky we have two computers.
Buggles4eva (10/07/2007)
It's a game for kids and adults alike! It\s very interesting and fun!
Jayscherder (09/17/2007)
SimSafari is a great game. The graphics are very good considering the times. The interface is very user friendly and the sound is pretty decent as well. You can play this game for hours and not realize it!
Storm89 (08/24/2007)
It’s fun game. I loved it because it’s very cute. Very educational for the little ones, learning about predators and prey!
Alvinolikh (08/12/2007)
Excellent game! Loads of fun, I really enjoyed this game. Great for children to teach them how to do multitasks
Regpog (07/09/2007)
Cool game! I really enjoy this game, it was a lot of fun for the kids to play it gave them hours of fun.
Crakodawn (06/27/2007)
SimSafari is a great game. It teaches children how to manage several things at once. They also learn about many species of animal while having fun.
Sweet23 (10/01/2006)
This is a good game for kids.

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