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DOS Games > Simulations > S > Street Rod for DOS

Street Rod

Genre: Simulation    |     Year: 1989    |     Publisher: California Dreams    |     Developer: Logical Design Works, Inc.
Game Review (written by A_j_d) Added on: 12/27/2006
Having been a big fan of street rod when I once played it whilst on a family visit to Norway (such a young lad I was!) I came across a couple of dos based games there, one being street rod, at first I could not get the hang of it, but then I grasped it, and the way you can customise your car to your needs and do the drag races with your competitors appealed to me, I’m going to write about this game more into detail so please be patient with me!
A bit of a fast n furious intake on this game, you start off with a minor sum of money and a car, you have to work your way up by doing races with opponents, having the ability to take their cars, make more money for yourself, therefore kit your car up (to perfection) or your liking, and carry on racing! Set back in the year 1963, the cars are old fashioned (and some car models do remind you of the one out of the first "the fast and the furious" cars, the one vin diesel used at the end! The one he said he was afraid to use! You race for money (obviously) and also pink slips, sometimes within the chance to take your foe's car also!
This game gives you more of a realistic feel, unlike other simulation games like this, which you just switch from screen to screen selecting your items or actions whichever you want to do, street rod makes you feel as if everything is interactive and is at your grasp.
This was one of them cult games which I played when I was a little youth, and then searched everywhere up and down to find a few games including this one, having found it I am a very happy man! :D
Overall, being a massive car fan myself anyway since a young age, and having played street rod before any of the later tech games came out such as ridge racer, grand turismo etc. I was happy with street rod and its simplicity of game play. I would recommend it to any people who are looking for a different sort of game, even if driving games don’t appeal to you I can easily say the driving is about 50% of the game,
Street RodStreet RodStreet Rod
the dynamics of managing your car, finding races etc brings in the main kick within the game, it’s the same argument you can put on this as a modern wrestling game, if you don’t watch it you can still play it and enjoy it, same with this, you can play it, enjoy it and its durability is a lot more longer than some dos based games! Top one!
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Ernoskij (03/29/2011)
When I think back of all the hours spend on picking the right car, going fo pink slips, painting your car, and trying not to drive off the road, I can't help but smile, this brings back memories
Srolewicz (01/27/2009)
I loved playing this game as a kid. My best friend and I would spend hours on his computer racing for pink slips.
Monesan (10/24/2008)
This game is a classic and fun. It teaches you the mechanics and the race for pink slips is a thrill. love it!
Fraley (04/24/2008)
The game is tons of fun, just playing with all the cars and changes is a game in its own. I remember playing this with my brothers, I would make the cars and then they would race them.
Thunderbolt123 (02/12/2008)
Love the game. You start off with a small budget and work your way up by beating similar cars. You then sell, trade and buy to get better cars. Tune them up, fix them up then youíre ready to take on the big boys.
Streetrodfan (12/27/2007)
This game is the greatest.
Racefan77 (12/13/2007)
I first played this game in my drafting class in 1996 and loved it.
Tunaboy (11/27/2007)
I used to love this game. My dream classic car is still a Corvette thanks to this game. :-)
Rhantaur (12/23/2006)
Really fast and furious. Never bored!
Steve (11/28/2006)
This game was lame.
Revell (07/15/2006)
love this game! :)

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