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DOS Games > Simulations > S > Street Rod 2 for DOS

Street Rod 2

Genre: Simulation    |     Year: 1991    |     Publisher: California Dreams    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Buck81) Added on: 10/20/2006
Street Rod 2 is a very good classical game, especially for its time. It is just like Street Rod but with a few things added that make it better, such as more parts for the cars and more/newer cars added to the game, one of them being even a Shelby GT500! I have enjoyed playing this game for a long time and it never seems to get old to me no matter how often or long I play it.
The game is simple buy a cheap car with the small amount of money you are given to begin with and then slowly build up money for bigger and better cars by drag racing with your choice of three places now, of course you can always pink slip race to if you have the courage to know you may loose it all.
This is game is pretty customizable especially for its time you can change a whole variety of things such as mufflers, headers, tires, motor, and transmissions. Inside the cars while driving it even the dashes/gauges depending on the car instead of just one car interior for all the cars.
You can do some things also I would not have thought of doing like stripping the front and rear bumpers or chopping the roof. Keep in mind while playing that parts will and do wear out on this game so you do have to keep a watch out on your car information. The graphics are not all that great but do seem to be better than most of the games from
Street Rod 2Street Rod 2Street Rod 2
around this time. Not many complaints of this game except for just some things take a while to do like changing tires you have to do them all one at a time. One other things is how hard steering can be especially on the road racing trying to dodge obstacles in the road, sometimes the steering seems very touchy and other times it is very hard to turn.
Overall, Once again, I have no regrets as using one of my downloads for this game and you should not either, you canít ask for much more out of this game. Iím a big car enthusiast and this is one game that can keep my attention for a good time as well as easily playable for someone who barely knows anything about cars but would like to learn then this is your game. So download and get to racing before the car of your dreams is sold....I hope you can all enjoy this game as much as I have from my days in elementary school up to college years.
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Techmfd (01/17/2009)
One of the best classics games, the graphics are not all that great but it does not take away from the fun factor. Loved it as a kid and can't wait to try it out again.
Jbmeier07 (10/26/2008)
One of the greatest racing games ever made. If you love classic cars you don't want to pass this one up. The Need For Speed series has nothing on this classic.
Kdogg (09/06/2008)
Classic. I wish they would remake it and only change the graphics. This game is still very good.
V8_harry (08/23/2008)
This is the first game I was ever addicted to and I'm stll hooked more than a decade later!
Fleura123 (04/01/2008)
This game is one of the greatest classics. Original street car modding series. Great game, two thumbs up
Mac (04/01/2008)
Absolute Classic!
Rowall (01/02/2008)
I first played "Street Rod" in 1991 & I loved it! So I thought I might download and play it again.
Blunt4orce (12/27/2007)
I played this game when I was a kid and loved it.
Chappyman4u (12/17/2007)
This is smart and exciting game ever! The story line is a great and game play is interesting! I love it and recommend it to everyone! It’s one of my favorite computer games.
Cundiff2121 (12/15/2007)
If you want pass your spare time with pleasure and fun you need downloading this fantastic game!
Duel (12/12/2007)
This is a superb game and worthy of a challenge even to the most hardcore racing gamers. I really like the super difficulty this game offers and because of that winning on it is the best satisfying!
Knutivar (12/07/2007)
This game is wonderful! The graphics are great and story line is good!
Muditakadarwati (11/11/2007)
It is very cool game. We can modify the car anyway we want to, but it is hard to drive to win a car in pink slips
Bwzimmerman (11/08/2007)
It’s a fantastic and very addictive game with good graphics!
Nick (10/22/2007)
I loved this game as a kid, it was amazing!
Ebg84 (10/19/2007)
Good stuff. Much like the first, it was awesome. For anyone who is a muscle car buff, this game is perfect. I used to play it when I was in high school and have tried to find it ever since. I feel like I have found a hidden treasure.
Viscious1 (10/13/2007)
Ultimate classic! A must play for muscle car fans.
Mistered (06/20/2007)
For anyone who is a muscle car buff, this game is perfect. I used to play it when I was in high school and have tried to find it ever since. I feel like I have found a hidden treasure.
Matt shubert (11/12/2006)
I like this game
Goksuuslu (10/24/2006)
first one was really good but unfortunately second couldnít reach the first

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