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DOS Games > Simulations > U > U.S. Navy Fighters for DOS

U.S. Navy Fighters

Genre: Simulation    |     Year: 1994    |     Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.    |     Developer: Electronic Arts, Inc.
Game Review (written by Schmithz) Added on: 12/22/2006
US Navy Fighters (USNF) even being an old game is one of the most realistic air-fighters game in the history. With a very nice graphics even for the actual days and a very easy way to learn how to play it. We are talking about a complete game, with lots of missions, you can fly since the Vietnam war, in 70's to the actual days in 2007. You can also pick between several kind of aircrafts like the F-4 Phantom, A-6, AV8B- Harrier, F-18 Hornet, and the most famous and best aircraft ever used by the US Navy, the legendary F-14 Tomcat.

If you would like to land and take off from a carrier, this definitely is the game for you, all the missions in the 3 stages (Vietnam on 70's , Libya in 90's and the last in Ukraine in 2007) are all in the middle of the ocean.
The interesting thing about this game is the complexity of the types of missions, you will have "dog fights" with other planes (probably against migs), sometimes you have to shut down some ships and even destroy bridges or campings in the middle of the continent.
When you are up to start a mission, the game will automatically show you the best aircraft to use in that mission, but if you want, you also can change that, the same
U.S. Navy FightersU.S. Navy FightersU.S. Navy Fighters
you can do with your weapons (missiles, bombs, and guns). One very important thing, before you start flying the missions is figure it out how to use all the keyboard keys, like to set gear down and up, flaps, select targets, talk to your wingmans (yes, you also can do that, send your partners to do things that you are unable to do at that moment). You can see all this keys on the options and settings tabs in the game.
Try also the incredible experience of the vertical taking off and landing the Harrier, that is a very hard thing to do, doing that you will increase your skills but when you could do that by yourself that means you are ready for all the challenges that USNF will provide you. Fans of the Tomcat will love this game, use the AIM-54 Phoenix missiles to destroy bandits more that 80 nautical miles from you, then you also have the AIM-120 (fantastic missiles, the one which substitute the AIM-7 Sparrow) to splash bandits on a intermediate distance about 25 to 30 miles and don't forget to use your Sidewinders, it still good in short distances.
Finally, try the USNF and enjoy the real fights in the air.
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Vixen973 (07/24/2011)
This is a great game ! If you love Air Sims, this is a must have to better understand what everyone else is doing these days. I still have my original copy and if i ever get around to building an old PC again & installing Win-95 on it, i can play it again haha. The A.I. is very good and you will be amazed at the detail in this old title. Clearly a benchmark product then & now.
Peterako1989 (02/22/2011)
guys i am sure that this game was part of an old game bundle. the case was a medium sized rectangular box with pictures of the games on it. the dominating picture was that of an aircraft carrier(or a fighter i cant remember). if anyone know of this, what was the bundle's title?
Bioscott1 (09/08/2010)
I had to modify my win.cfg file a little to load my joystick drivers, but otherwise it ran great and was super fun. I thought it gave a very realistic depiction of how difficult it really is to land on an aircraft carrier. I really liked this game.
Retfar (09/01/2010)
I had this game when it first came out. Really liked it but lost the cd. Realistic beter than janes f117 i had also.
Calculusjones (07/04/2010)
Good game, lots of fun, but the other aircraft appeared much larger than they would in reality at the distances from ownship. Otherwise, lack of instruments did not detract from the enjoyment.
Skieff (04/02/2010)
Very good jet simulator. I loved the missions and the graphic for the time were excellent.
Nowaybr (03/02/2010)
Unbeliveable ! This game is amazing, remembers me my dead uncle he showed me USNF and i loved it, rest in peace RENATO!
Kprince65 (01/02/2010)
I love this game! I also have Janes Anthology too with new scenerios and planes you can even fly any plane! USNF opened me up to it. This is a must have classic for any simulator/jetfighter fan! I am amazed!
L_ducati (11/19/2009)
GREAT GAMEI bought this game in 1995 and fell in love with it immediately! Concidering that I come from the area where the campaign is set (Ukraine) and the issue of Russian-Ukrainian conflict has never really subsided, I am willing to forgive the arcade-style controls. The gameplay is absolutely brilliant, so I recommend this game to all simmers.
Joeytvf (09/25/2009)
My dad got me this game for christmas in 1994 and a joy stick man did i love it cant wait to start playing again. Great game.
Peduh (03/01/2009)
Looks amazing, I can't wait to try this game. I used to play the first couple jet fighter games when I was a kid, but haven't found anything as good since.
Michaelray (01/25/2008)
Great game for DOS, simulation with an excellent AI and excellent graphics. The scenarios combined with campaigns provide for a lot of game playing fun!
Frin trimmer (05/03/2006)
I bought this game in 1995 and fell in love with it immediately! Concidering that I come from the area where the campaign is set (Ukraine) and the issue of Russian-Ukrainian conflict has never really subsided, I am willing to forgive the arcade-style controls. The gameplay is absolutely brilliant, so I recommend this game to all simmers.

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