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DOS Games > Simulations > W > Wolf for DOS


Genre: Simulation    |     Year: 1995    |     Publisher: Sanctuary Woods    |     Developer: Manley Associates
Game Review (written by Kotoni) Added on: 08/27/2006
Being a lover and role player of wolves, naturally, I longed to try the DOS simulation game, Wolf. Until just recently, I did not know one thing about the game, until I found the link to Wolf. After many hours of waiting for my dial-up speed internet to process the download of Wolf, I finally began playing the simulation game.

Naturally, DOSBox games are quite difficult to handle, but after a few rounds of practice, I finally mastered the mouse. When you first begin the game, a cute little introduction greets you at the start.
Many pictures of wolves, and clips from the game can be viewed in the introduction, as well as a few helpful wolf facts. After the introduction, you are presented with a menu in which you decide how you want to play the game. I, myself don't usually do the mission modes, for I prefer to let my character wander freely in a pack without the pressure of time limits. In "Simulation Mode", you are able to set the difficulties and world around you to fit your desires. For example: You may choose what sort of weather and season you would like to play in. You may also control the amount of hunters and humans that wander the area. I recommend setting the
human setting as low as possible, since the humans are able to kill your character. After you have confirmed your settings, you then move on to the character selection page. Here, you may choose your wolf, and what rank he/she is in the pack. I usually choose a male wolf with a good health - including thirst, hunger, and energy.

The graphics in the game are quite good, considering that this game was made in 1994. They are 2D graphics, with a pixel-like look to them. The wolves and animals, from a distance look almost real, but when viewed closely, you are able to see the boxy like shapes that make up their bodies. Sound and music are also impressive, although they tend to get very irritating after a while. I find that whenever you catch and kill a beaver, a very high-pitched and scary music plays in the background. That music always creeps me out, and I instantly turn the sound down.

I love the simulation feeling that you are actually living the life of a real wolf. You act like a real wolf would in the wild. Though sometimes, it is difficult to hunt and catch prey, the excitement of trying to catch your own dinner and survive is quite strong. Mating is especially hard, for the wolves always seem to be uninterested in your wolf. They stick their tails up and snarl before jumping away. I have never actually mated my wolf before, but someday I am hoping to be successful.

As a player of Wolf, I give the game 3 stars out of 5, for excellent simulation, good graphics, and sound, and the overall excitement and thrill of living in the wild.
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Cuddlecats (01/22/2011)
it is a game about wolves and shows info about wolves. Have heard about it from friends and they reply with it is fun
Ella46 (01/24/2009)
This was my favorite game when I was a kid! I tried to get the original cd to work for me, but it never worked. Lets hope this download will work for me so I can finally enjoy this game again!
Neon1995 (12/26/2008)
I remember playing this game as a kid and I thought it was a great game, the only problem I had was with trying to find my pack after they wandered away from me.
Vanity69 (12/13/2008)
I remember playing this game years ago and I loved it. Haven't played it since, and can't wait to play again.
India_intel (10/02/2008)
I owned this game for years, it's exciting hunting down animals as a pack of wolves. Also, it's always fun to be top dog in the game. I don't think I'll ever get tired of playing wolf.
Lizzie_collins (08/07/2008)
Greatest game I've ever played! I find it better than Wolfquest. I really hope more people try this exciting game! It's extremely fun and there's no spam and takes up almost no space!
Sage (07/26/2008)
You guys should try wolf quest. You can actualy see the wolf up close and You get to kill deer and bears and start your own wolf pack! It rocks!
Caitiewolf (07/20/2008)
I can't wait to download this game. It sounds good I have been looking for it for a while. It looks good, real good maybe better then good.
Nightfox (07/04/2008)
I've played this game over and over and there is NO other simulation like it. I've been a fan ever since it came out, and now I've found the love of my life again.
Amyrose2b (11/06/2007)
This game has an amazingly steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of it it's addicting. it It’s really fun game!
Amyrose2b (11/05/2007)
It’s really fun and exciting game!
Atlantine (08/15/2007)
Wonderful game. The graphics aren't great, but the play is wonderful. Lots of fun, though difficult, so it took some getting used to (and practice!)
Chaine (08/03/2007)
I love this game. It's really amazing. Eating, drinking, sleeping, hunting, taking care of the lill' ones and so on. I like playing the "unlimited"-kind of game and just running around with three computer controlled wolf friends until I die for any reason.
Dearest (07/25/2007)
Wolf is an incredible game. It is realistic and educational, but far beyond that- it's a lot of fun. Wolf features an enormous level of interactivity (with other wolves, other packs, the world around you, etc), reliable, good-looking graphics, and of course, hours of fun. There are many options for gameplay, including dozens of pre-made scenarios, and a simulation mode where you can not only choose your own wolf, but the other wolves in the game, and adjust each environmental quality to your liking. In all, I highly recommend it.
Ab122 (11/25/2006)
This is a good game.

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