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DOS Games > Sports > H > Hardball III for DOS

Hardball III

Genre: Sports    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Wvumedguy) Added on: 04/21/2007
I first remember playing this on my old Tandy 286 computer. The graphics were very simple. I was in Little League at the time and I loved the fact that I could make my own team and players. I would make a team that was similar to my own Little League team. This was actually a pretty good game as I remember most of the games that accolade made being good.
The amount of control over your lineup was much better than anything you could find on the consoles of that time.
You could put in pinch hitters, change your pitcher, and as I recall, it even had the ability to pick the view you wanted, IE from the pitchers mound or from behind the batter.
Compared to today’s games, the graphics were terrible, but they were pretty good for the day. I remember the motion of the game being as smooth as you could expect from that time period as well. The controls were pretty straightforward. It was easy to play but also very enjoyable.
The most annoying thing about the game was the copyright protection feature that it used. You had to have this little wheel that you had to line up several things on and then look at the correct box
No Thumbnail available
to get the correct answer. I guess this goes to show you how far games have come since then. Now we don’t even think much about using 3.5” floppies, which was high tech back then.
One of the games strong suits is the ability to look at all your players attributes in a scoreboard type of screen, much like a baseball card. This will give you each players stats in the game and allows you to track them through a season. This appealed to the stats freak in me and was one of my favorite features of the game.
Base running on the other hand was difficult to control at times. This is a stark contrast to the fielding which was usually very easy. I would leave player movement on automatic and then throw the ball once the player got to it for me. The speed that the players could run however was extremely frustrating. I found myself on several occasions wondering what the heck was taking my player so long.
All in all, this is a great game to play if you are nostalgic for a solid but old baseball sim, it wont approach the level of realism and action found in today’s baseball games, but it is appealing on a much different level.

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