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DOS Games > Sports > P > PGA Tour Golf for DOS

PGA Tour Golf

Genre: Sports    |     Year: 1990    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Belse1234) Added on: 01/07/2007
This game was alright. I found it had a few problems but it could be a lot worse. The imagine is relatively good and the pace is set at just the right speed. This could have a few more options but overall for what you would play it for it makes the cut. I would recommend at least trying this game. It provides fun for all age golfers and non golfers. Also with golf being in such a large boom at the moment it wouldnít hurt anyone to get involved with terms and clubs in which are used to play the sport.
Who knows you may just want to try the wonderful game of gold after playing this simulator. Although golf may not be your fav. sport, it is definitely one which anyone can play and have a good time with in video game formation.
There are plenty of characters and options which you can use on every shot form strength, spin, height, depending on club, and a few more which you need to know about in the actual game. The course provides good surroundings and fun environments to be played on.
There are better golf games out there but this one is a great choice for an average gamer. Itís easy fun and entertaining. Overall, for the best experience it would
PGA Tour GolfPGA Tour GolfPGA Tour Golf
be best to have a good gaming system with a better video card than one which is no longer up to par in the gaming world. If a rating was needed I think I would have to give it an overall 6, 6.5 out of 10. Plenty of course picks, number of characters, variety of club and all the golf options needed to make fun times. Play alone or with friends which is a great option.
It would be best to start off alone and work up your skills before playing a fellow golf enthusiast. Especially one who has played plenty of different golf games. Depending on play, the game and courses get more and more difficult which leads to more fun and harder situations to get out of. I.e. bunkers, tall grass, trees and water hazards.
So to finish off again this is a great game for "the avg' player however for a buff it is suggested another game would probably be more suitable. Again a 6.5 at best out of 10 but in my rating system that is a relatively decent score seeing as though the highest I have given was 8.5. So it is a buy in my books, and if you donít like it, return it.
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Mcw516 (03/10/2012)
I love this game.played it for hours back in the day. Tore it up on TPC Sawgrass always. Still a fun play
Chiponthegreen (10/27/2010)
this game rocks, best golf game ever! I played this game for hours and hours all the time in my college days. Me and my roomattes loved this game, we had alot of great matches.
Chiponthegreen (10/27/2010)
this game rocks, best golf game ever! I played this game for hours and hours all the time in my college days. Me and my roomattes loved this game, we had alot of great matches.
Ttking44 (07/09/2010)
how do you actually download this? This was a great game back in the ms dos days. Cant wait to play it again.
Ringenane (01/05/2010)
I have been trying to find this game for a ehile now;;;;;;;;;;;;;;finally.This was the game we had in our local arcade a long time ago.
Missmolely (10/16/2009)
I used to play this game years ago. I can't wait to play it again. I have not downloaded it yet I hope it works on Vista, we shall see!
Dowyn123 (03/30/2009)
This game made me into a virtual millionare back when amigas were the number 1 seller. I love this game.
Marooner (10/28/2008)
Halcyon days of playing against invisible pro golfers with realistic scoring. Much more skillful than most modern equivalents.
Adamsearl (08/14/2008)
312 yard drives, 60 foot putts sunk - breaking through the 60 barrier at last! Great memories from back in the day. Bring it on!
Sniis (01/12/2008)
The best!

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