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Road Rash Game

Road Rash

Genre: Sports    |     Year: 1996    |     Publisher: Electronic Arts    |     Developer: Papyrus Design Group, Inc.
Game Review 1 (written by Dht87) Added on: 09/21/2006
I first played Road Rash when I was merely a child. Incapable of fully understanding the unmitigated awesomeness of annihilating other bikers with chains, I simply drove the motorcycle as fast as I could. I have since learned that in order to fully experience all that the road rash game offers, one must explore the outer limits of the butt-whooping possibilities. Be creative. Try knocking an opponent into oncoming traffic.
Unleash hitherto unknown beat-downs upon your unsuspecting, foolish, ill prepared, boorish enemies.
And for your own sake, have fun while you do it. On a more serious note, the intricacies of the roadrash game play require only mentally sound players, and any attempt to cheat or split you focus on anything besides the race at hand will undoubtedly end in your demise. Be warned; Road Rash will only tolerate your undivided attention, and you should only give it what it deserves.
As the game progresses, the levels become more difficult—as is typical of video games—but do not be discouraged. The trials lay before you may seem insurmountable, and you may find yourself contemplating turning the game off. But stay strong. No challenge in Roadrash is too difficult. No obstacle is too large. Hoping
Road Rash Game 1Road Rash Game 1Road Rash Game 1
I have expressed lucidly and completely the epic feast of pleasure that is Road Rash — I just realized how funny this whole article would be if I dropped the “a” in “Road.” Do not fear oil spills. Road Rash will own you, and you will never be the same.
Game Review 2 (written by Cpt1amzing) Added on: 09/15/2006
Road Rash must be the ultimate classic racing game, I can remember as a child playing the Road Rash Game for hours on end. Even though the graphics are simplistic to say the least it does not take away too much from the game play as you save up your hard earned cash in order to buy a new and faster bike. This is the game that certainly spawned the likes of Gran Turismo and many others as you earn money through races to advance further in the game.
Road Rage was also one of the first racing games to incorporate violence along with racing with Carmagedon surely taking a leaf out of Roadrash's book. I was so happy to find this Roadrash download today. As your race you can bat people of their bike - if you manage to steal a weapon of an opponent, and if you can time these correctly you can find yourself with an unbeatable lead. The game is quite large in size and it can take much of your time to get through it; however the advances in bikes as you go is enough o keep you gripped for hours. In the game there are also obstacles on the road such as road blocks that you must avoid and the side of the road is just littered with obstacles.
This isn't even mentioning the police who patrol the road better avoid them or you'll be in the nick with a fine on your hands. Also as you go on the police get trickier and trickier so watch out towards later levels cause the pigs mean business and you'll have to avoid them as well as oncoming traffic no win the race level and a new bike. The Roadrash Game reaches out to many generations and ages, it starts of fairly simple so even the young or just young at heart should be able to win quite easily but as the game moves on the tracks become harder the bikes become faster and the opponents become trickier and more violent.
As for the graphics well there not excellent maybe not even good but the simplistic of the game runs well with it and you'll soon forget your playing a 90's game as the game pulls you in. Only one warning on this game if you play it too long as you may find yourself doing give yourself some time before you go to bed as you'll soon be racing as soon as you close your eyes!
Road Rash is a truly gripping and addictive game, if you don't have a lot of spare time on your hands simply don't start because when you do you won't want to stop!
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Mibarahimhazarvi (04/08/2011)
I like road rash very much,because it is a very nice game that's why every time i play this game.
Saif (03/13/2011)
it is a thrilling game and adventerous's graphics is so is not a boring game
Krutik (02/26/2011)
Road rash game is very fantastic. Its graphics are very good. Road Rash is a really wonderful game that is great for creating a sense of competition.
Zaldan (02/15/2011)
Wonderful game. You need to enjoy Road Rash is a really wonderful game that is great for creating a sense of competition.
Nagaharith (02/09/2011)
i like road rash because in tjis game fighting, buying bikes teasing others . it is a game i have never seen. this game forever
Amrutha (02/05/2011)
this is superb.i love this game.i used to play it when i was young.i was searching for this game and finally i got the chance to play this fab game.
Sahiba (01/26/2011)
excellent game! keep it up !this is my favourite game! enjoyable! superb <<<<<>>>>>>>> Keept it up! <<<<<>> a great game! It is a wonderful game that is grt for creating a sense of competition! Its music is amazing! Really Good!
Wasiya khan (01/12/2011)
this is very nice game i like this game and my sister amrin too. i am very happy for that it is in my grandma house when i go there i play only this game
Madrasi (01/06/2011)
game is really awesome,good graphics n full of fun.bikes graphics are very good n designing is very good too
Janvi (01/05/2011)
this game is fabulous and i like pacific highway the most so u go and on thisgame. this is a wonderful game and when we are playing this game we sometimes feel we are in this game as if fariy tale.
S.k (12/31/2010)
Road Rash is an interesting and nice game.Everything about it is wonderful,the music,graphics etc.
Gundur (12/30/2010)
this game is very nathural .i like it this game.
Mahtab (12/29/2010)
I love this game. It brings you a lot of fun and pleasure. I highly recommend it to everyone. I play this game daily.
Swarna (12/29/2010)
what a game .chance less .i have not seen such a game before.amazing .i thank who was the one who created road rash.
Sanai (12/28/2010)
road rash is a very interesting game u must play it n it gives u fun n pleasure in defeating any rider
Sachin chari (12/26/2010)
it is a nice game i have seen the screenshot i liked it it;s graphics are also good it is great for creating a sense competition
Rizwa (12/24/2010)
this is a wonderful game my brother is always playing this by down loading it.and he always becoming first and he is only three years old. whenever he is playing,he is first! thankyou.
Samir (12/23/2010)
I'm so happy i found my best game . so i hope i can download it from your website.
Durga (12/20/2010)
It is a fantastic game which i like it most. to tell about this game it is an amazing game, very trilled, & graphics in it is also superb. finally it was an awesome game.
Mohsin ali (12/09/2010)
Road rash is an excellent game. Its graphics are very good. The music is amazing. Road rash is so wonderful that whoever will play it once will get addicted to it. It is my favorite game I have ever played
Charang (05/31/2009)
I love this game. I highly recommend it to everyone. It brings you a lot of fun and pleasure.
Abey (05/16/2009)
Road Rash is a very good and interesting game, and I like it very much. Fun to play. Fantastic.
Yugeshwar (05/10/2009)
Very good, interesting game which has various levels of difficulty. Playing this game feels like riding the real bike.
Shibinliji (03/02/2009)
This game is very fantasic. I love Road Rash because it’s a racing game. This game is super. Very good, interesting game which has various levels of difficulty. Playing this game feels like riding the real bike.
Jonah (01/18/2009)
It's the best game ever once you play it you keep thinking of it. If you have never played it please try it.
Subru (01/17/2009)
Super game. The graphics are good and sound's good. I like it very much. I started playing it and I got addicted, so super.
Mahesh (12/16/2008)
This game is very nice. I like road rash game. Road rash is an excellent game. Its graphics are very good. Music is amazing. Road rash is so wonderful that whoever will play it once will get addicted to it. It is my favorite game.
Girish (12/05/2008)
It's an excellent game very fast and furious I suggest everyone of the youth guys need to play.
K2max (11/21/2008)
This was a great game. At the time it incorporated great music tracks, violence, and speed. I always enjoyed hopping on the bike and trying to upgrade while hurting scum, avoiding being put in a cop car trunk, and earning the venom of the maggots that wanted to do me harm. Get enough speed in this one and RR2 and you could get Amazing Air. I loved flying over people. This started a truly great franchise in video motorcycle racing.
Karthikravi20 (10/14/2008)
Wonderful game. You need to enjoy. Play the game and get into the racing sense. It's graphics are fantastic.
Special Instructions (Source: Support Team | Added on: 07/17/2007)
The game requires windows.
Please run rash.reg once. (The file with the white/green symbol.)
start the game with roadrash.exe

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