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DOS Games > Sports > S > SEGA Bass Fishing for DOS

SEGA Bass Fishing

Genre: Sports    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Jpfactfinder) Added on: 08/23/2006
Sega Bass Fishing is one of the most unique and realistic fishing games that I have ever played. The fish move and trust on the line like their real-life counterparts.
When you pull on the line, you have to be careful not to break the line or your best fish will be lost. Also, with the variation of lures, you have to know which one to catch the fish for any particular type of depth, area, and (or) weather condition. For every large-size fish that you catch, you receive a new lure to help you catch bigger, feistier fish in order for you to advance to a higher level in the tournament.

You can become grand master if you can complete two areas of a different tournament in the original game. To be on the practicing side, you should practice in the practice game to learn different ways through the different lures to catch your fish. It will take time and practice to do just that in the original. In the game, I have reached the advanced level of the game but I have failed in that once (like I did in the amateur tournament many times).
It may be a bit frustrating at first, but you will have fun in an attempt to catch (land) the biggest large-mouthed bass in whatever lake, whether it is Paradise or Crysteldew. If you play the arcade mode, you will
No Thumbnail available
discover secret places. At Paradise, there is the palace. At Crysteldew, there are the falls. You can get to these places faster in arcade mode.
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Citygirl424 (03/27/2010)
such a great game i love it. it feels like you're right there fishing from the comfort of your home.
Cody piguet (02/01/2007)
Itís a very exciting game
Adi0079 (01/23/2007)
Itís really nice game to play it would not waste your time

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