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DOS Games > Strategy > A > Alien Legacy for DOS

Alien Legacy

Genre: Strategy    |     Year: 1994    |     Publisher: Sierra On-Line, Inc.    |     Developer: Ybarra Productions
Game Review (written by Chrissi) Added on: 02/10/2008
This next strategic sci fi video game is awaiting you to take on Alien Legacy released in 1994. The game has been designed so that you have the ability to construct city elements, do research, produce industry, resource management, and even take part in combat.
One major thing you will be doing in Alien Legacy is creating a colonized star system that has been placed light years away from earth. To do this you will be creating planetary cities and many space stations. There are many tasks you will have to accomplish with the assistance from various guides getting you through the plot.
Several tasks that you are instructed to complete must be done in a certain amount of time or the game will end. Without the completion of tasks you will actually be killed. Alien Legacy can be a little difficult when you first start off playing, but once you determine what you are suppose to do and complete tasks in the given time periods you will become a professional gamer.
In the actual game you will learn of the two different races. These consist of the H’riak race and the Empiants race. Both races have very unique aspects to them allowing you to do several different things with the selection of race. The selection of race will solely depend on your preferences for creation.
Alien LegacyAlien LegacyAlien Legacy
You will have a different experience with the race you choose giving you a different option when you get bored of one race. When you select one race you will go into combat with the other race, so in the end you will get to experience the likes of both races.
Trying to create a star system can be a very difficult task to complete. It is even harder with others trying to put a damper on your progress. With Alien Legacy your main objective is to complete all the tasks you have been given. Once you have completed all the tasks and defeated your enemy you’ve officially defeated Alien Legacy.
After playing this game for many hours you will learn how extraordinary the game actually is. Alien Legacy has been created to have so many great features and aspects that will keep pulling in gamers for many years to come. Graphical and strategically there is no going wrong with Alien Legacy. Take on the task and begin the creation of your next star system before its too late. Everyone is awaiting your commands and to lead them to success.
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Roidrunner (07/11/2010)
This was an amazing game when it was released. Playing through the first time will take you about a week or so. Maybe more. Note there's not really any "combat" in this game except for a little bit of very low-quality silliness. You'll actually want to avoid the combat entirely. What was really amazing was, the game has a model showing you the locations of the planets around the star. And since your ships travel slower-than-light, travelling to the outer system planets requires a lot of advance planning - you can get your ship there faster by waiting for a better "launch window", just like NASA really has to do it with their planetary probes. I should actually reinstall this game, but don't have a diskette drive anymore - so I was looking for a place to download the game. Get it! Try it! It's a classic.
Voidrunner1 (05/14/2009)
Excellent game. Wonderfully complex and very indepth scifi info make it a very good empire building, empire management, combat sim game. Everyone needs to play this game.

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