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DOS Games > Strategy > C > Carrier Strike: South Pacific for DOS

Carrier Strike: South Pacific

Genre: Strategy    |     Year: unknown    |     Publisher: unknown    |     Developer: unknown
Game Review (written by Ice_man980) Added on: 02/17/2009
Carrier Strike: South Pacific, a game released in 1992 for the DOS operating system, is an exciting simulation of navy air battles and air engagements in the South Pacific arena during World War II. Basically, this is an update of the game Carrier Force by Grey Grigsby, and features many options to be tinkering with as you enjoy and experience the game.
First, there is a sort of campaign mode where you can fight battles from the 1942 Battle of the Coral Sea all the way to 1944 against the murderous, brutal and monstrous empire of the Rising Sun - the Japanese navy and their fighters and other aircrafts themselves.
You continue fighting battles from 1942 to 1944, but you have to take care of your ships because they can be eliminated if they take too much damage and become in a state of disrepair or if they sink during a battle. Some other battles you can play are the Battle of Midway, the Battle of Santa Cruz, the Battle of Eastern Solomon’s, and the Battle of Marianas. However, as mentioned above, you have to keep your fleet standing because sunken vessels are replaced only at the rate new ships are produced at home; damaged ships are only repaired as supplies allow them, and one more thing - if you keep your fleet alive long enough, their weapons will eventually be upgraded to give a boost to their destructive
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Intelligence reports are not very reliable, but the developer, Strategic Simulations INC, say that they did this to simulate war more accurately, because not all intelligence is necessarily reliable in real life war. This was a very interesting feature in this game. Anyways, getting back to the game, you are assigned monthly missions to play in which you can send scout air planes to spot out enemy ships and report back to you and go get more info; move your task force around to position them to give them a tactical and strategically advantage against the enemy fleet; and finally, the most exciting part of the game is of course launching attacks against the navy of the Japanese Rising Sun.
The game also has a mode where you can randomly generate battles with a hypothetical number of ships, air planes, and other weapons to be used during the battle, giving a boost to the game's replay value after you finish the campaign mode. Overall, it is a unique and fun war game that almost anyone can play.
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Aeolussurf (07/29/2008)
"Carrier Strike: South Pacific 1942-44," published in 1992 by SSI, pits the U.S. and Japan in a battle for naval supremacy. One can play historical battles or a campaign. In the campaign, the battles are hypothetical: the forces that show up may not be what was in the battle historically. As the U.S., one tries to survive the earlier battles without many losses while waiting for the superior numbers and planes that show up later. The Japanese must deliver knock-out blows early to build up enough points to win in the face of later U.S. numerical superiority. An epic struggle, with many white knuckle moments!

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