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DOS Games > Strategy > D > Dinopark Tycoon for DOS

Dinopark Tycoon

Genre: Strategy    |     Year: 1993    |     Publisher: MECC    |     Developer: Manley Associates
Game Review 1 (written by Rzeby024) Added on: 09/01/2006
Dinopark Tycoon is an excellent game which makes one remember the wonderful times of our youth. This game is great because you get to open your own dino park, and do all of the things, such as manage employees, buy inventory items, choose dinosaurs, and other exciting things to run the dinosaur park. The goal in this game is to create the ultimate dinopark and to become a real Dinopark Tycoon. People come from far and wide to visit your park, so you need to make it the best park that it can be.

You start by buying land, fence, and dinosaurs. The game really gives you quite a variety of dinosaurs to buy. Get a lot of money, and you can get the ultimate dinosaur, careful though, it doesn't last long and proves to be a waste of your money!
You need to make sure you keep your dinosaurs fed or they may get restless and break out of their pens. That results in having to buy new fencing and new dinosaurs. Who knows where the dinosaurs go after they leave, but it doesn't matter to you! After you have enough money being a dinopark tycoon, you can buy concession stands and other items to make your park even better for the guests.
Dinopark TycoonDinopark TycoonDinopark Tycoon
game is really easy to use. Help is easily found, in all menus of the game. If you are running low on funds, get a loan from the bank to keep you going. You need to make sure you keep your prices in check so that you are getting some sort of profit, otherwise, you'll lose money and your dino park ends up bankrupt.
This is a great game for younger children and older children alike. Children as young as 7 or 8 and older would enjoy Dinopark Tycoon because of its easy to use interface and its real world game style. It is both a fun game to play and a fun way to learn. Through playing this game, children are learning money sense and business sense. They are learning what a dollar is worth and that they cannot just buy everything, they need to think wisely before they make a purchase because if they just buy, they will end up with no money and the game will be over.
This is a great game for public schools to have on their computers because kids really love to play it and they are also learning at the same time. Anyone can have a wonderful time playing Dino Park Tycoon!
Game Review 2 (written by Azngrl922) Added on: 08/21/2006
Dinopark Tycoon is a simulation game basically based on up keeping a dinosaur based theme park. The game basically beats all simulation games. Dinopark Tycoon is definitely not like the similar named zoo tycoon: dinosaur digs. It's basically The Sims meets Jurassic Park. Not to mention that this game is relatively educational! This game is relatively old, and has some great graphics of it's time with sort of cartoon characters.
The music from the game is ok, doesn't get annoying like some other simulation games. The music changes from time to time so you aren't listening to the same little annoying tune over and over and over and over again. You start off by getting a loan from the bank and from there you can select what type of land you want to buy, then you select which dinosaur egg, and basically from there you bring up your dinosaur while showing it off to the public and making money. You can also auction of your dinosaur for money if you seek to do so. Watch out though, because you can get into to debt and start taking out loans from the bank. If you don't pay them off well then the amount of money you owe gets bigger and eventually your theme park will fail.
Dinopark Tycoon is basically about building a dinosaur theme park empire using business strategies and methods. Like using advertisement to get your park known to the public through TV, radio, you name it. You don't actually do anything with the dinosaur, but feed them and all the other necessities. The variety of dinosaurs is really large. From the small little company to the huge T-rex it's all there if your dinopark is successful. You also have to watch out about placement of the exhibits. For example, if you put the T-rex pen next to a raptors pen, the T-rex might decide to jump over to the next pen for a snack.
The more money you make the more little gifts you get from the bank, in the game these are called "Thank-You" Gifts. You can't really "Beat" the game, since I don't think that there is an actual ending, but this game is good for when it's raining outside and there's nothing on TV and there's nothing else to do so better download dinopark tycoon! This game is really fun and can get addicting so watch out. I really recommend playing this game; this game is really a classic and it is impossible to forget it!
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Redjameskidd (03/16/2011)
I played this game so many years back and always remember it being extremely ambitious but very difficult. I sure hope to find it easier now!
Bnp1022 (02/07/2009)
Dino Park Tycoon is a phenomal game. It certainly takes you back to your youth and the days of playing it in school. It's great for people of all ages. Teaches valuable lessons on strategizing, planning, and budgeting. Never seems to get old and is always a fun time! One of the best games invented for sure.
Cincyfan04 (02/07/2009)
The memories come flooding back as soon as the menu screen opens up! This game was hours of fun and something I will never forget. I'm so glad I found it!
Acspirou (01/06/2009)
I loved this game as a kid. We had so much fun in computer class playing it. It's a great game. I couldn't wait to get to class and play.
Chaos122333 (09/23/2008)
This game brings back great memories. I used to play it everyday at school before class started. :D
Jigga (07/24/2008)
I remember this from elementary school, I was totally addicted to this game. There needs to be a remake of it.
Brentsno (07/03/2008)
Great game. I remember it from elementary school. The only fun thing I did in school.
Jofhd (06/23/2008)
Awesome game. I played in elementary. Absolutely loved the game. Well rounded all throughout the game.
Jerm257 (04/11/2008)
I love this game. I remember playing it in school many years ago, it was one of a very few games available on the computer
Arcykins (02/21/2008)
They should totally remake this awesome game!
Bush0505 (02/10/2008)
Iíve been thinking of this game forever and finally found it. Man, I havenít played this since I was in the 4th grade but itís the best.
Bush0505 (02/10/2008)
It’s an excellent game that can be very addicting yet very detailed. You need downloading it immediately.
Brutol (02/06/2008)
Really great game. I'm glad I found it. I used to play Dino Tycoon when I was little, although the graphics and sound aren't the best for todayís games it is still a very fun game to play.
Sgrande84 (01/29/2008)
This is the best game ever! I always spent hours playing this game. My shoulders would hurt so bad but I always had the best Dino Park!
Tyleena (01/21/2008)
This game is amazing. It brings a lot of fun and interest! I highly recommend it to everyone!
Sikk13 (01/20/2008)
Dinopark has always been one of my favorites. It's so good to be able to play it again. I'm addicted to it
Zephie2 (12/26/2007)
I love this game so much! It's so addicting and it’s worth playing!
Frankandwhit (12/15/2007)
Highly recomended tycoon game. An educational classic! This game is also very fun and will for sure provide hours of fun.
Rlmassengill0801 (11/13/2007)
Dinopark tycoon was a great game that I remembered from the younger years. It was hard to get all the dinosaurs together and even harder to keep them inside the pens, but it was still fun trying to get it all done, and all the concession stands and make the money
Boozer22 (10/29/2007)
This is my favorite games. I love it and recommend downloading!
Wheelejm (10/25/2007)
This game is amazing. They don't make cool stuff like this anymore.
Negate711 (10/25/2007)
I played this game back in grade school, and I remember it being pretty sweet
Harshmellows (10/13/2007)
I thought this was an excellent game.
Cf4514 (10/08/2007)
This is a sweet game. I played this game my whole life when I was little, itís a good quality classic
Jequinlan (09/21/2007)
I used to play this game all the time back in elementary school, it was so awesome.
Liliac_hearts (08/30/2007)
This is by far one of my favorite games.
Jake (05/31/2007)
This game is good. The best game ever in the world.
Yoman67 (05/14/2007)
Dinopark Tycoon is one of the best games I have ever played in my live on pc.
Craziesports (04/01/2007)
This game was great. It's like rollercoaster tycoon but with dinosaurs. Therefore, it's better. Just be careful not to let your dinosaurs get loose in the park.
Jen53073 (11/07/2006)
Dinopark has always been one of my favourites. It's so good to be able to play it again. I'm addicted to it!

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